3 Days to Kill, action, but a bit cold

3 Days to Kill is another CIA film, making the existence of the Central Intelligence Agency useful in the fact that it does continue to inspire new film plots year after year. The fact that the CIA lends itself to thriller movies speaks of its usefulness in American pop culture if nothing else.

3 Days to Kill review

3 Days to Kill review

But it’s the checkered history of the organization that continues to inspire new films based around assassinations, foreign governments, and of course the torture scandal. Regardless of what is going on, Hollywood is not a friend of the CIA even though it has borrowed the scandals time and time again.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard

This time around the thriller stars Amber Heard in the role of CIA agent Vivian Delay and Richard Sammel who plays the villain simply known as The Wolf. Vivian’s goal is to get a dirty bomb away from his hands and to eliminate him and any threat that he and his followers pose.

In order to help complete her task she calls up help from an experienced CIA agent named Ethan Renner played by Kevin Costner. Of course, before too long the mission goes horribly wrong and Renner ends up hurt in the blaze.

3 Days to Kill

3 Days to Kill

This is where the plot takes a turn because Renner finds out while being treated that he has inoperable brain cancer and that he will die in just a few months.

He chooses to still help Vivian while also working with his family on reconciliation in his final months and the movie switches between being a thriller and being a drama straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. There is plenty of action handled well throughout 3 Days to Kill, but it’s the emotional drama that always seems to feel a bit forced throughout the film.


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