Tower Heist review trailer

Tower Heist review trailerTower Heist is a film that will disappoint people who’ve seen the trailer, and well might even disappoint those who have not. It seems that all of the funny parts of the film have been put in to the trailer and when you actually watch the film itself you will be disappointed to see that it is drawn out and the funny moments are few and far between.

The film focuses on Ben Stiller’s character Josh, who is the building manager for an apartment complex. Arthur Shaw is a billionaire who owns the building and is living in the penthouse. He is found to be guilty of massive fraud and has put all of the buildings employees pension funds into a Ponzi scheme. Angry at what has happened to his and his staff’s retirement funds Josh sets about plotting to steal $20 million from the billionaire and returning it to his employees.

Tower Heist review trailer

Tower Heist review trailer

While the start of the film is slow, the comedy begins to pick up after about three quarters of an hour with the introduction of Eddie Murphy’s character, Slide. Slide is a small-time criminal passing himself off as much more and he trains the crew on how to become successful criminals. There is a lot of funny interaction between his character and those who are involved in the heist and this brings comedy to the film that was lacking in the first part.

Tower Heist review trailer

Tower Heist review trailer

Unfortunately, Murphy’s character is responsible for too many of the laughs in the film and it would have been nice to see the other characters contributing more. Tower Heist tries to be too many films at one time, it is part of commentary on white-collar crime and part comedy, and while trying to be Wall Street and Oceans Eleven mixed together it fails at being either.


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