Robert Carlyle angry at British film industry

Robert Carlyle angry at British film industry

Robert Carlyle angry at British film industry

Robert Carlyle of the cult favorite, Trainspotting, went into a rage against the British film industry as the end of 2009 is angry again, this time over a movie he made in 2007, and the fact that is still yet to be released onto the silver screen.

The Scottish star, who is known for his hot temper, is still waiting for the film release of “I Know You Know”. In the film Carlyle plays a Welsh dad who carries a fantasy of being a spy with him in his daily life.

According to Carlyle his work in the film is some of his best, which angered the star enough to rant that although it was his top performance, it is highly unlikely at this point that, “more than 25 people will get to see it”.

He continued to say that once the film is released he doubts it will get the publicity that it needs to be the hit, and that it could have been with showing “in a Charing Cross phone box come December” instead of on the large screens he intended it to be.

Carlyle had more to say though, stating that some of the blame lay on the Government for not helping out the film industry, stating that they are willing to help when the cinema has a hit, by befriending the stars, and grabbing a photo-op, but ignoring the industry otherwise.

Due to the lack of support for the film industry, and the many expenses that the Labour party has tacked onto filming, he stated it is no surprise that American filmmakers are not drawn to the UK to make films anymore, which has hurt the British cinema as great deal.

Carlyle ended his rant by stating that the poor state of the cinema was why he left the UK and filmed a television series in Canada, just two weeks ago, Ewan McGregor made a statement that he has given up on UK movies and now will only work in the US.



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