First movies of A list actresses

First movies of A List actresses

First movies of A List actresses

They light up the screen and the red carpets, are lusted after by males across the world and command millions of dollars for every film they get out of bed to make.

Welcome to the world of the A list actress, pampered, privileged and downright loaded; these stars seem to live charmed lives. Like their male counterparts however, they have often had very humble beginnings and their early performances often forgettable.

Julia Roberts

Tall, beautiful and everyone’s favourite pretty woman, Julia seems to have enjoyed instant success back in the 1990, but in reality there is no such thing. Her first film role was in the 1988 teen move Satisfaction.

Julia Roberts first movie _Satisfaction


Justine Bateman was the star, playing the singer in an all-girl rock band that she calls ‘The Mystery’. Julia plays the role of Daryle, the bass player, and the film did anything but set the world alight. Julia’s talent was recognised however and her career went into orbit only 2 years later.

Angelina Jolie

The rebellious daughter of actor Jon Voigt, Angelina Jolie has always stood out in a crowd. This A lister is the highest paid actress in Hollywood, as well as being a serial adopter, biological mother of 3, humanitarian and the female half of Brangelina, alongside Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie first movie

Angelina Jolie first movie

While she commands millions of dollars a film these days, but those pay checks were just a pipedream when she made her film debut as a machine/human hybrid in the highly forgettable Cyborg II: Glass Shadows. Whatever she was paid to take part in this stinker wasn’t enough, but happily things improved pretty quickly for Angelina and her career has been in the ascent ever since.

Reese Witherspoon

Although the young Reese Witherspoon’s first film role was as the lead female, the film was light years away from the blockbusters that she now appears in, and was just the first step in the learning curve that resulted in the phenomenal success she enjoys today.

Reese-Witherspoon-First movie

Reese-Witherspoon-First movie

At only 15, she played the part of 14 year old Dani in the 1991 movie The Man In The Moon. This drama tells the tale of her love for a senior who falls for her sister. Unlike some debuts, Reese can look back at this film and be rightly proud of her performance.

Cameron Diaz

Now although we said earlier that there was no such thing as instant success, along comes Cameron Diaz to prove us wrong. No walk ons and bit parts in B movies for Ms Diaz, she gets her first movie role in a bona fide blockbuster.

Cameron Diaz First Movie

Cameron Diaz First Movie

The year was 1994, and the film was The Mask. Cameron has a flair for comedy, and she stands out in this Jim Carrey vehicle so much that she became an instant star. She remains as popular today, mainly thanks to her diversity and taking roles in smaller films to show her prowess as a serious actress.

Nicole Kidman

The statuesque antipodean beauty was at one time known as Mrs Tom Cruise and it has to be said her career was greatly eclipsed by his. The tables have turned now somewhat, and it is Nicole who has the coveted Oscar statuette on her mantelpiece, not her ex-husband. Her first film was released in 1983 but only in cinemas in Australia and is the retelling of a famous Aussie tale known as Bush Christmas.

Nicole Kidman First Movie

Nicole Kidman First Movie

It was released on video in other parts of the world under the title of ‘Prince and the Great Race’, but is still a little known film and a far from auspicious start to the illustrious career one of our brightest stars now enjoys.

Kate Winslet

Striking English beauty Kate Winslet has the world at her feet. After several nominations she won the coveted best actress Oscar in 2009 for ‘The Reader’, heady heights indeed for the girl from Reading, near London. Her first film role was in the 1994 Peter Jackson directed Heavenly Creatures.

Kate_Winslet_First Movie

Kate_Winslet_First Movie

It is the dark tale which tells the story of the obsessiveness between two girls who have joined forces to kill one of the girls’ mothers. The film gained great critical acclaim and Ms Winslet was well on her way to the A list.

In case its bugging you the photo at the top of the article is a teenage Cameron Diaz


3 thoughts on “First movies of A list actresses

  1. I think I went through many stages of puberty all at once when I saw Cameron Diaz in The Mask. Great post. Kate Winslet was also good in Heavenly Creatures. Another one I would add would be Natalie Portman in Leon aka The Professional

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  2. For me the puberty thing would have been Brooke Shields when I was 16. I would have included Natalie Portman but IMO she has not done anything of note since her first amazing gig in The Professional


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