Walk of Shame Review Trailer

Walk of Shame Review Trailer

Walk of Shame Review Trailer

Walk of Shame (2014) is a new comedy movie released on May 2, written and directed by Steven Brill and produced by Focus Features. Walk of Shame  is a movie about a girl, played by Elizabeth Banks, who becomes the innocent victim of the handsome character played by James Marsden.

Walk of Shame focuses on a young ambitious reporter by the name of Meghan Miles (Elizabeth Banks) who is experiencing difficulties with her career, striving very hard to pursue her dreams. Meghan Miles failed an audition to be an LA TV news anchor. To allay her depression over her “failures”, she goes partying and drinking.

Eventually, she stumbles upon a handsome stranger that she had a one-night stand with and who left her alone in downtown Los Angeles with no phone, no ID, no cash and no car. Unfortunately, there are only 8 hours left for her to attend a very important job interview that may never come around again.

Walk of Shame Review Trailer

Walk of Shame Review Trailer

Then the whole unwanted turn of events happens within the 8 hour time frame. According to her agent’s message,  if she is able to show up to the right place before 5pm then she gets the job. In the process of getting to the destination for her job interview, a series of  difficult situations seem to prevent her from getting to the right place before the allotted time.

So, what do you think is the lesson in this movie? Do you think Meghan would really be persistent enough and make it to the interview? But how can she make it? Will she give up?? There is only one way to find the exciting answers, and that’s to watch Watch Walk of Shame.

Walk of Shame Review Trailer

Walk of Shame Review Trailer

Walk of Shame is one of the most anticipated movies this spring. Elizabeth Banks became famous for her roles in the films Invincible, Role Models, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Seabiscuit, now she has the Walk of Shame to add to her roster of good movies.


3 thoughts on “Walk of Shame Review Trailer

  1. This is honestly a bit of an odd one. It is a good movie, but its not very funny, kind of essential for a comedy. The premise is good and EB tries her very best to drag the humour out of the script but there is just a huge shortage of laughs.


  2. As a popcorn movie this was not bad, Banks is super hot which is never a bad thing but I found the end of the film quite annoying, with her life lessons picked up over 8 hours she now no longer cares about her career or job or future.


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