BFI makes funds available for UK film festivals

BFI makes funds available for UK film festivals

BFI makes funds available for UK film festivals

From this year up to 2017, the local film institute is making $6.3 million available for UK festivals that may be in desperate need of funding. The BFI festival fund officially opened their doors for applications, approved applications will have access to the newly available $1.6 million that was originally part of the audience fund intended to better film choices for local audiences.

The money will be used for various film festivals, ranging from those that celebrate national significance, international significance , festivals that offer a special focus on subject matter, or even local festivals that conform to a set theme, the fund is intended to serve specific local communities in the country.

Tim Cagney, deputy CEO of BFI was reported to be very pleased with this fund development. The releasing of the funds was said to be in part of the organization’s goal to enhance the UK audience viewing experience. The fund also aims to aid applications that attempt to portray the diversity of U.K life, as well as what is beyond it.

Approved applications may receive anywhere from $7,896, the amount set for a small festival, up to $473.7879, a larger budget for major festivals especially catering to international significance.

BFI makes funds available for UK film festivals

BFI makes funds available for UK film festivals

However, what should be noted is that the BFI will not be shouldering the entirety of the film festival costs. The organisation is open to contributing about 20 to 50 percent of the overall costs of the festival.

It is up to the applicant to show his capability in securing other partners, be it through sponsorship, personal earned income, or even different forms of funding such as public and private donations. Festivals in the past that have benefited from similar festival funding schemes include the International Film Festival in Edinburgh, as well as the recent Lesbian and Gay Film Fest by BFI London.



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