Think Like a Man Too review trailer

Think Like a Man Too review trailer

Think Like a Man Too review trailer

Anyone who buys a ticket to Think Like a Man Too looking for a profound spiritual experience or hoping to gain valuable insight into the complexities of human nature will probably be disappointed. Make that almost certainly disappointed. However anyone looking for a good, fun, frolic-y sort of summer entertainment will find this one works very well.

That’s partly because an above average cast of characters is having an awful lot of fun doing what they’re doing, and it shows. Most of them are reprising their roles in this sequel to Think Like a Man, and though none of the characters appears to have ‘matured’ in the interim it’s OK because you wouldn’t want them to anyway.

The first film, based on the best-selling novel  ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man’ by Steve Harvey, was all about men and women trying to get into each other’s space in hopes of figuring out how the other gender thinks. They didn’t get very far, and they don’t get very far in the sequel either, but not for lack of trying all sorts of sometimes absurd and often hysterically funny approaches to the problem.

Think Like a Man Too review trailer

Think Like a Man Too review trailer

The original gang is back in Las Vegas, this time – ostensibly anyway – for the wedding of Michael and Candace, aka Terrence Jenkins and Regina Hall. Kevin Hart returns as Cedric; he’ll be the best man and he’s undoubtedly as good in the role as any best man ever could be.

The same is true of all the main characters:  Michael Ealy as Dominic and Taraji Henson as Lauren, his ‘relationship partner’, Romany Malco and Megan Good as Zeke and Maya, Jerry Ferrara and Gabrielle Union as Jeremy and Kristin, who got married in Think Like a Man – with no children but some married-type issues, plus a supporting cast that adds considerable luster to the star-shine.

Think Like a Man Too review trailer

Think Like a Man Too review trailer

Of course there are the obligatory bachelor and bachelorette parties, and the whole weekend is to be a romantic interlude for all concerned. However this group does nothing by half, so the shenanigans and outrageous episodes that get everybody in trouble one way or another go beyond any standard Vegas behavior – if there is such a thing – and into the realm of the fabulously ridiculous.

The betrothed couple, Michael the mama’s boy and Candace the single mom who finds him to be the man of her dreams, may never make it to the altar what with all uproar created by their too-enthusiastic friends. The big night out for both sexes escalates into a sort of contest about who can out-think who and who gets the best of the man/woman issue. Obviously the film doesn’t answer that or even try – it just goes for laughs and gets them.

Since the movie was actually filmed in Las Vegas there’s that added Sin City aura surrounding the whole operation that you just couldn’t get in a studio set; it’s the real Vegas – whatever that is. Possibly some of the general zaniness comes from the fact that most filming schedules were based on when a particular location could be used without too much disruption of the ‘normal’ Vegas activities.

Think Like a Man Too review trailer

Think Like a Man Too review trailer

Directed by Tim Story and written by Keith Merryman and David Newman, the story gets all the help it needs from its cast of talented comics, straight men/women and some who do both acts with apparent ease. Nobody is not good and some of them are really great; all of them are lots of fun to watch. Think Like a Man opens this Friday, June 20th.


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