Sector 7 Eastern horror review trailer

Sector 7 Eastern horror review trailer

Sector 7 Eastern horror review trailer

Ever since the 2006 success of The Host, South Korean film makers have been trying to replicate that success, but failing miserably. At first glance, it did seem as if Sector & could have been the film they have been trying to make for the past 6 years, but sadly, it isn’t. This film is all over the place, and not helped one iota by the dodgy CGI.

This film tells the tale of a small band of riggers working off an old drilling station known as Sector 7. After years of searching for non existent oil, the crew are about to call it quits, when up pops their old captain who wants them to go back for one last drill and, you’ve guessed it, success. Sector 7 is saved from its seemingly inevitable closure and everyone is happy, until they start dying that is.

The cause of these deaths are soon revealed to be courtesy of a large aquatic creature that is roaming the drilling station, and it is now up to the surviving crew members, including the stereotypical tough chick, to put an end to the beastie before it eats them all.

There are many fans of Korean cinema, and those familiar with it will already know that whatever the genre, they inject a hefty dose of humour, usually successfully. The comedic elements is this film. However, fall as flat as the proverbial pancake, and to be honest the majority of the script is dire, and how it received the green light will baffle many.

Sector 7 Eastern horror review trailer

Sector 7 Eastern horror review trailer

In the beginning we are treated to many scenes with the aim of introducing us to the characters and their various quirks, delivering some mild comedy, and also to introduce the tough chick. She’s so hard she races a motorbike on the rig, but it just doesn’t ring true. About half way the creature introduces itself to the crew, and seems to revel in its cheesy CGI glory, and the pace picks up as they go into survival mode.

Sector 7 Eastern horror review trailer

Sector 7 Eastern horror review trailer

Despite the hype, Sector 7 is one of the worst attempts at finding The Host’s success, and is effectively a very bad Sci-Fi-esque creature feature with a bad story and even worse effects. There will no doubt be some who will manage to sit through the entire film and remain interested, and those who do will be rewarded with a decent battle near the end between beastie and heroine.


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