What next for Zac Efron?

What next for Zac Efron

What next for Zac Efron

Rising stars are a dime a dozen in Hollywood and environs, at least to hear the movie trades talk about the subject. If you search hard enough it’s possible to find at least one enthusiastic fan-site for just about any actor/actress newly arrived on the screen and in the public’s awareness. However not many of those might-be-icons-eventually have established a following quite as enthusiastic as Zac Efron, and he’s only just begun.

From High School Musical in 2006 to the present day, Efron has gone through the gamut of Disney boy to bad boy and back again more than once. He’s bounced from one persona to another – always with those enviable abs and pecs, and showing them off in mostly flattering scenes from one film to another. One never knows quite what to expect in the roles he chooses to play, but Zac has acquired quite a reputation for taking his shirt off whenever circumstances allow and sometimes when they don’t.
Zac makes skateboards (shirtless of course) for charity

On the other hand, though Hollywood Gossip lists him as one of “13 Disney Stars Gone Wild”, but you’d certainly never know it. He looks more like a Mormon evangelist than the ‘hottie’ photos of the other 12 on the list. That’s just one more example of the contradiction that is Zac Efron; at this point no one is quite certain what may happen down the road, but he’s got plans for the immediate future anyway.

What next for Zac Efron?

What next for Zac Efron?

The projects most notable as far as the media is concerned include an upcoming appearance on NBC’s celebrity survival show, where Zac may get to put those impressive muscles to some significant use.

The series, called ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ will feature different celebs on a 48-hour adventure with Grylls, who described the show as “. . . pushing them [celebs] out of their comfort zones and seeing what they are like in real life when stripped of all the benefits of celebrity.” Should be interesting.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Running Wild with Bear Grylls

According to reports from April of this year, another project that’s in the works is a starring role in the latest adaptation of a John Grisham novel. This one is called The Associate and it’s about a young Yale law school graduate who is sucked into a huge criminal conspiracy. The new associate in the world’s largest law firm has a dark secret in his past, and some powerful attorneys blackmail him into a situation that could get him jailed or killed – or both.

There has been very little news about the film since the announcement in April this year that Efron had been chosen to play the lead. The Hollywood Reporter said that Shia LeBeouf was originally chosen for the part, but as of now it appears that Efron will be following, if not in the footsteps then certainly in the career choices, of the likes of Matt Damon and Tom Cruise, who also took the roles of Grisham protagonists. Several sources report that Efron will also be the film’s producer.

What next for Zac Efron

What next for Zac Efron

While The Associate – due out in 2015 as of last reports – is still in limbo, Zac continues to make headlines, most of them in social media and yes, most of them sans shirt. Just last weekend his holiday in Italy with Michelle Rodriguez and others was rife with yachting, sunning and dancing on tables, bits of the fun captured for posterity by various friends and paparazzi with video cams. The 26-year-old is clearly having a fine old time of it, but he seems quite serious about his career and his goals.

What next for Zac Efron?

What next for Zac Efron?

Amongst other leading-man traits, Zac possesses a personal charm that seldom fails, whether he’s under direction on screen or just chatting with interviewers. He has been quite candid about the effects of stardom; rehab for drug and alcohol abuse is almost standard for young and suddenly famous actors, and he’s no exception. However, it appears that his ‘tour’ as a bad boy hasn’t done him any lasting harm.

What next for Zac Efron?

What next for Zac Efron?

The key here is not charm or a buff bod; the key is that Zac Efron has earned the attention of some very tough cinema critics, and he’s getting high marks for acting talent – something that can’t be faked. It is generally agreed that he has the right stuff; if he continues to grow with and into more mature roles, Zac will showing up in the spotlight of high-caliber and highly publicized films; in short, an icon-to-be.

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