UK- Moroccan co-operation in movie-making

UK- Moroccan co-operation in movie-making Life of Brian

UK- Moroccan co-operation in movie-making Life of Brian

The Moroccan and UK governments have signed a treaty that will allow the countries to bolster their ties within the film industry so that they can drive more economic growth and share new ideas when it comes to film production. The treaty is expected to be further extended over the next few years so that it also includes television production.
The treaty was negotiated by the Centre Cinematopgraphique Marocain and the British Film Institute and also offers tax incentives for film production that takes place in either country. Productions that follow the treaty terms in both countries will be able to access the national benefits of each country.
For films that are produced in Morocco this will mean more tax incentives whereas within the UK productions that are able to qualify to the treaty terms will be able to seek out the British movie tax relief and also take advantage of the British Film Institute’s film fun which is the largest public film fund in the UK with about £22m given out on an annual basis in order to help with completion, development, and production of films.
The UK Government stated that the treaty shows the great relationship that is already in place between Morocco and the UK and adds some very tempting financial incentives in order to boost productions of film in both countries.

UK- Moroccan co-operation in movie-making

UK- Moroccan co-operation in movie-making

Nour-Eddine Sail, the director general of the Centre Cinematographique Marocain stated that the treaty will help them to build better cultural partnerships between both industries and help new and established filmmakers in the UK and Morocco reach out to new markets that offer great financial advantages and creative opportunities. Sail added that their intention is to also soon reach out into television productions so that more producers can reap the benefits for the treaty.


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