Haywire Gina Carano review trailer

Haywire Gina Carano review trailer

Haywire Gina Carano review trailer

In Haywire, Gina Carano plays Mallory Kane, a contractor to global governments who is capable of working operations for them on a private basis. She has a reputation for success with such things as hostage rescue and distracting people while another operative completes the mission.

In the film world of spies and secret government ops, double crosses are the norm and as you would expect Mallory becomes hunted by the very people she was previously hunting for. In order to survive this ordeal she must use all the skills she has developed to avoid being killed and find out who is responsible for betraying her.

This is the first lead role that Carano has had in a film and her training is in mixed martial arts. The first scene we see her in the film is when she is at a coffee shop and a man who has been ordered to bring her arrives.

Haywire Gina Carano review trailer

Haywire Gina Carano review trailer

They start with polite questions until he makes an aggressive move and initially it looks as if he is going to overpower her. Suddenly, Mallory turns the tables on him and he is left with little opportunity to complete his mission. From this point on it becomes clear that Mallory is going to be on the run although she has no idea who from, or who has betrayed her trust.

The film is directed by Steven Soderbergh who has previously directed such hits as Ocean’s 11 and Traffic. The film is based on the screenplay written by Lem Dobbs he has previously written Dark City and The Limey. This film takes a different approach to the action genre and the exaggerated sound effects; big explosions and intense musical score are not present.

Haywire Gina Carano review trailer

Haywire Gina Carano review trailer

The action seems much more real and when there is nothing going on there is simply silence. This is a welcome departure from recent films which have been overdoing things with overwrought scores which simply overpower any action that is occurring, for an example think of the latest Transformers film.

The fight sequences look much more real and this is helped by the lack of unrealistic sound effects. They have a Jason Bourne style and there is no question that Carano is an excellent martial artist. The director made a wise decision to keep everything believable and there are no huge jumps through the air or unrealistic flying kicks.

Haywire Gina Carano review trailer

Haywire Gina Carano review trailer

The story itself is rather complicated and the amount of scene changes going from country to country might make the audience think that Mallory’s primary motivation is simply to collect air miles. Haywire certainly delivers but not exactly what you would expect after seeing the trailer, this isn’t a full on action film, it’s an intelligent thriller that will keep you engrossed until the end.


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