Contraband Mark Wahlberg is all action review, trailer

Contraband, a garbage smuggling movie, review trailer
If you are looking for a typical action film that has all the excitement and thrills you might expect, then Contraband is the perfect film to see. Mark Wahlberg is the action hero in the film and he performs very well. He has recently been involved in a great many films and shows himself to be an impressive actor capable of switching from genre to genre without too much trouble.

Contraband is a film that has been adapted from an Icelandic film that was originally submitted to the 2010 Academy Awards. The film is set in New Orleans and tells the story of Wahlberg’s character, Chris Faraday, who has abandoned a life of crime to become a family man.

As you might expect, just as he thinks he has got out of the criminal game he is brought back in to it after his brother-in-law messes up a drug deal. Faraday must re-enter the criminal underworld in order to smuggle drugs so that his family are safe.

Contraband review trailer

Contraband review trailer

This film is great for what it is, a simple and exciting action film. There aren’t any confusing plot lines and the characters are not very complicated but if you’re looking for a simple action film this is ideal.

There are also several punchlines throughout the film which add a nice touch of comedy and performances by the characters are rather good. When you enter the cinema make sure you are ready to suspend your disbelief or you are not going to have a particularly enjoyable experience.


3 thoughts on “Contraband Mark Wahlberg is all action review, trailer

  1. i quite liked this and would like to get my hands on the original. i agree that wahlberg was quite good; this is the sort of role that suits him best, i think – the decent, not too swift but not a meathead, blue-collar type just trying to get ahead.


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