The Switch, Jennifer Aniston review

The Switch, Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman are both strong acting presences and they manage to carry off the romantic comedy of errors (well, one major error) in “The Switch” from Miramax. The plot is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning story by Jeffrey Eugenides, and was probably more believable on paper, but if viewers can handle magical Nannies, this film won’t strain credulity too far.

Basically, it’s about a single, biologically challenged young woman named Kassie (Aniston), who decides to have a baby the modern way, with a sperm donor. At her “I’m Getting Pregnant” party thrown by a girlfriend, the booze and drugs flow wildly, and Kassie’s best friend Wally (Bateman) gets so smashed he substitutes his sperm for the chosen donor’s, and doesn’t remember a thing about it.jennifer_aniston_the_switch

Seven years later when Kassie returns to Manhattan from Minnesota with her adorable son Sebastian (played perfectly by newcomer Thomas Robinson) she still hasn’t guessed that the boy’s biological father is not the one she planned on.

Some of the best scenes in the movie are between “Uncle Wally” and the son he doesn’t remember fathering. Good supporting roles are provided by Jeff Goldblum as Wally’s best friend and young Thomas Robinson as the rather neurotic child of rather unusual parents.



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