Mr Holmes Quick review, trailer

Mr Holmes Quick review, trailerI have never been a Sherlock fan, despite him being committed to the screen on at least 254 occasions. He may dwarf the Star Wars or Bond franchises in  long-term popularity, but I guess … I just don’t get it. The only Holmes I have ever truly enjoyed was the TV series ‘House’ which is unashamedly a Sherlock inspired drama.

The fact that a ‘real’ actor was playing the lead in this one in the form of Ian McKellen was probably the only thing that interested me in watching the latest incarnation. This is also a different view of the 125 year old character.

Mr Holmes Quick review, trailer.Holmes is old, he is going senile and is struggling to cope with resolving what actually happened in his last case. This is an interesting twist that works, throw in an excellent performance by child actor Milo Parker and you have a slow, but comfortably paced movie with just enough twists to keep you interested. Sherlock fans will watch this movie anyway, but maybe quite a few non-fans like myself should give it a try.


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