The Ides of March review trailer

Interview_The_Ides_March_Ryan_Gosling_Politics can be an ugly business, especially when people are fighting for office. Even those who have faith in politicians and the system would have it shaken around the time of elections when powerful people will do anything to survive. This is something that most of us already suspected if we didn’t know it, and the movie Ides of March rather obviously points this out to us.

The film, directed by George Clooney, certainly has all his trademarks, it is heavy, political and relevant. For those who are a fan of the actor/director then you will probably enjoy the subject of the movie. It is loosely based on the play, ‘Farragut North.’

The Ides of March review, trailerWhat is disappointing about the film is actually the twist at the end which seems to make the whole of the rest of the movie irrelevant. There is one thing you can be certain of from a movie with George Clooney – that he will act brilliantly.

The Ides of March is no exception, as well as directing the production he has a supporting role and he does an excellent job in it. As director he also does an exceptional job and you can really see how he has utilised each of the casts skills. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Clooney’s campaign manager as they run for presidential nomination. The actor does a great job of coming across as a hardened veteran of politics.

Hoffman’s interaction with his rival from the other side is played by Paul Giamatti and the interaction between the two characters is excellent and exciting as they fight to see their candidate win the nomination. Jenifier Ehle plays the governors wife and it is a great shame that she was only in one scene as she could have added a great deal to the production.

The Ides of March review . trailerThe real star of the film though is Ryan Gosling. He plays the role of the press secretary and strategist of the campaign. He is a young and up and coming star and he displays the same kind of charm and charisma that was seen in Crazy Stupid Love. It is interesting and believable to watch how easily he charms the press and other members of the governors staff. Beneath the charm though you can really see that he is true believer of the campaign.

The Ides of March review trailer,The movie follows the few days before the democratic candidate for president is chosen and shows what is happening in the vast machine that is a political campaign. It seems to be very accurate and viewers really feel that they are getting a realistic view into how things operate. Clooney, who also had a role in writing the film, has created something that is very well constructed and tackles a very serious topic. This is his style and you can see that he has worked on something that he cares about a great deal. We won’t reveal the twist, but lets just say that it is not something that viewers are going to welcome.


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