Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter review trailer

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter review trailerOver the years, we have been treat to numerous film adaptations of vampire based fiction, Dracula, Interview with a Vampire and Twilight, to name but a few. Just recently, yet another novel about vampires has been turned onto a full blown 3D action/horror film. What sets this apart is the unlikely lead character; a certain Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the USA.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has been based on Seth Grahame-Smith’s 2010 novel of the same name, and stars Benjamin Walker with Timur Bekmambetov in the director’s chair. Grahame-Smith is also the executive producers and he told reporters in a recent web interview that both the novel and the film contained a strange amount of historical accuracy.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter review trailer1He said that although to many the premise of the film may sound ridiculous, everything in the film has been treated with great care to ensure historical accuracy. From the backgrounds to the aesthetics, and the way in which Lincoln looks and behaves, through the timeline of how the events actually unfold have been meticulously put together.

Bekmambetov explained why he thinks that Lincoln is a great character for a vampire film by saying that he is a unique kind of superhero. He added that he was very tall, with a huge hat and always wore dark suits and was a very strong man, there is even a legend that he could hold an axe in a straight hand.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter review trailer.Walker has also spoken about Lincoln, saying that what makes him so impressive and fascination is that he was a common man, who was self educated, and through sheer grit and determination made it to President, also making himself a hero.

When Walker was asked how he has prepared for the role, he said that he had read many books and one in particular, about Lincoln’s melancholy, has been particularly helpful. He added that book dealt with his romantic and depressive nature, which leant itself nicely to the gothic tale.


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