The Tall Man horror review trailer

The Tall Man horror review trailerThe Tall Man is set in Cold Rock, which is a small town in Washington that is run down and has something menacing occurring in it. Children are slowly disappearing from the town never to be heard of again and the townspeople are now growing wary of a person that they simply refer to as the Tall Man.

Given the amount of intense fear people have about the man they keep their children close to them hoping to evade becoming the next victim of this man who apparently lives to steal children. The main character in the movie outside of the ominous Tall Man is Julia Denning, played by the lovely Jessica Biel.

As the wife of the town doctor who sadly passed away a few years ago, Julia is highly respected in Cold Rock as the town nurse and has one son named David who is watched after by a live in nanny, Christine played by Eve Harlow.

The Tall Man horror review trailer,As you might guess one day the worst happens and David is taken by the Tall Man. It may seem like this is enough to guess the rest of the plot, but there are actually a good number of twists and turns that occur in succession from this point. It is hard to go into any of the plot twists without giving away any of the following plot and without ruining the power of the movie, but this is a good thing because it means that the film is effective at becoming confusing and engaging at the same time.

It is hard to figure out what Pascal Laugier really wants from the movie given the fact that there is a political and social undertone that generally does not exist in a thriller, but nonetheless it is a good ride to get on for a few hours.

The Tall Man horror review trailer..The obvious standout of the movie is Jessica Biel who excels in her character with a performance that people are most likely going to remember for quite some time. Her monologue at the end of the movie is also powerful as she has no previously offered audiences any indication that she could carry off this type of role.

The only problem is that while her performance is great, the movie in general runs long after awhile and it feels as if it should have ended six or so endings ago. Over the last 15 minutes of the film there are a handful of new opening scenes making it a bit hard to gain any new respect for the movie as it comes to a close.

Tournage The tall man

Tournage The tall man

Supporting cast members in the movie include Stephen McHattie, Jodelle Ferland, and William B. Davis who do a respectable job with each of their respective characters. Notable is Ferland, who plays a mute girl and is wonderful at using her body language to convey the emotions that she cannot use words to get across to the viewers, even if she does gain the ability to speak by the close of the movie.


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