What’s Your Number…dials a wrong number review trailer

What's Your Number review trailer What’s Your Number is a romantic comedy that stars Anna Faris and Chris Evans. It feels something of  a shame that Anna Faris has managed to get this role as it seems that she could be performing in much more complex movies, but instead she is given this role in what is a largely predictable romantic comedy. She is also executive producer of the movie but it would have been better to see her acting talents used elsewhere.

What's Your Number review trailer 2The plot of the movie is very simple. The character played by Faris is reading a women’s magazine which has a statistic that states that women who have had over twenty partners are 96% likely not to find a husband. Faris does some quick maths and realises that she has had nineteen lovers and at that moment promises herself that one of her old partners will be her future husband.

What's Your Number review trailer.Faris enlists the help of her neighbour Colin, played by Chris Evans. Evans has recently starred in Captain America and the shape of his body shows that the two films were shot closely together. Faris gets Evans to help her track down some of her old lovers. From this point on the film is predictable and if you can’t figure out the ending by this moment then you have probably never seen a romantic comedy before.

Faris gives the movie her all but there are so many problems with the script that she just can’t carry it. Evan’s does not really perform in the picture as much as you would think for having the other lead role and leaves Faris to do most of the comedic work. Unfortunately though, the script just isn’t very funny and it is going to leave audiences disappointed.

What's Your Number review trailer ,The movie has a very weak starting point: the statistic in the magazine, and making a movie around the concept is shown to be very difficult as it struggles to be entertaining. Even with some cameos from other famed actors the movie still does not manage to be enjoyable.

The movie fails for several reasons: for one the script is simply not good enough, it should be more entertaining and actually contain jokes that are capable of making a person laugh. Secondly, Chris Evan’s should have been given more screen time. Like Faris, he is a very capable actor and would have helped to life the movie out of its banality.

What's Your Number review trailer1Some have described the film as being ‘edgy,’ but when watching it, it is hard to see an edge at all. An edgy movie is something that is supposed to go against the grain of the genre and offer something a little bit different. What’s Your Number does nothing of the sort and is about as run of the mill as a romantic comedy can get. Any attempts by the writers to add something different to the film fails, and their idea of an edgy script seems to be writing the word ‘vagina’ into it in different places.


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