The Raven review trailer

The Raven review trailer

The Raven tells the story of murders which were occurring in the late 19th century that were inspired by the written works of Edgar Allan Poe. The murders initially baffled authorities and the detective on the case decides to consult the author himself about the murders. Initially, Poe does not have any personal involvement, other than the relation to his books, but all of this changes when his girlfriend is kidnapped by the man responsible for the murders.

The death of Edgar Allan Poe is something that has been speculated about for a very long time and this is because no one really knew what happened to him in the few days before he died. This has led to a great deal of fiction to spring up around this mysterious time in his life and much of it is very sensational.

John Cusack stars in Relativity Media's stylish gothic thriller The Raven.

John Cusack stars in Relativity Media’s stylish gothic thriller The Raven.

In this movie there are several gruesome crimes committed by a man who is determined to replicate the killings in the books. John Cusack does a good job of playing the lead character, although he is let down by the dialogue, which never sounds as if it is appropriate to the period. Poe is also supposed to be something of a genius and Cusack fails to display this particularly well in playing the character.

The supporting cast is also not very impressive when compared to Cusack and Luke Evans in the role of Poe’s sidekick is not very good. You also get the feeling that the girlfriend of Poe, played by Alice Eve is nothing more than a token pretty face in the film designed to make the movie a touch more compelling.

The Raven review trailer,One of the things that is most disturbing about the movie is the score, which can be described by no other word than terrible. The film, which is supposed to be set in the 19th century, is set to rock music which seems like an incredible, and obvious, mistake. In general, with the lack of appropriate dialogue and music, it feels as if the historical research into the movie has largely been done on Wikipedia in one afternoon.

The Raven review trailer8The film is directed by James McTeigue and he does a fair job. In many ways this production will remind you of previous movies that have gone over the idea of investigations by police in historical context. This isn’t a good thing, as it will remind you that most of these productions are better than The Raven.

This movie is rather dull. It does not make use of the actors in the production and even John Cusack is let down by poor writing and worse direction. Perhaps the biggest waste is Brendan Gleeson, a fine actor, who has been put in a non-descript role of the girl’s father. This role is completely an uninteresting and you can’t help but feel that the movie studio wasted money hiring this talented actor to play such a dull role. This movie is nothing more than a hollow shell of an interesting story and is not worth seeing.


2 thoughts on “The Raven review trailer

  1. Thank you. I suspected something along these lines, so I avoided it. (I love it when my hunches pan out.) 🙂

    The story looks like a dark mash of Downey’s Sherlock Holmes doing Bone Collector & Fatal Attraction (book-killing wise). :/


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