The Cold Light of Day, doesn’t have much of a glow, review trailer

The Cold Light of Day, doesn’t have much of a glow, review trailer


Perhaps the biggest mystery about this movie, The Cold Light of Day, is why it has been given this title. During the entire production it is not referred to at any point and it doesn’t seem to make sense why this movie title has been chosen. It is supposed to be a thriller, but throughout its relatively short 90 minutes, there are very little thrills that actually take place.

The movie focuses on the main character of Will Shaw who is played by Henry Cavill. Shaw is a business consultant who arrives in Spain in order to spend some family time with his parents. During the first 10 minutes of the movie there is some amount of rapport between his character and his father, Bruce Willis, who eventually gets very annoyed at the fact that his son is constantly spending time on his BlackBerry rather than enjoying the family time.

The Cold Light of Day, doesn’t have much of a glow, review trailer.They spend some time on a boat, and eventually the father decides to throw the BlackBerry into the water. In order to let off some steam, Shaw decides to swim to the shore but in the time that he does this the boat is attacked and his family are taken hostage by Israeli terrorists. In order for the safe return of his family, Will is told that he must deliver a briefcase to them.

The Cold Light of Day, doesn’t have much of a glow, review trailer8Basically, over the next 24 hours Will rushes around Spain in order to find this briefcase in order to free his family. He is largely confused about his father’s activities and it becomes clear that he is more than just the cultural representative of the United States that his father led him to believe he was.

Unfortunately, the characters in this movie are rather unlikeable and under-developed and so you don’t feel particularly sorry for his family when they are kidnapped. In fact, they don’t get a lot of screen time altogether which makes it very difficult for the suspense to be adequately built about their rescue.

The mother in the production has so little screen time that we don’t even really see a close-up of her face, even though she has been kidnapped and is the primary motivation behind Wills actions.

The Cold Light of Day, doesn’t have much of a glow, review trailer,Sigourney Weaver also features in the movie as a CIA operative and in many ways her role is identical to that which she played in Abduction alongside Taylor Lautner. Her calm and collected attitude is supposed to appear spy like, that instead it just comes off as rather depressing and inoffensive that more effort has not been made with her character.

Overall, this is a disappointing movie that could have been a lot more. The storyline is simple and you simply don’t feel emotionally involved with any of the characters, especially the main character. The action scenes are exciting at times, but overall it just feels as if this production has been rushed together and not enough attention has been paid to the details. For a simple action movie, it might be worth seeing, for anything more, skip it.


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