The Bourne Legacy manages to work, even without Damon review trailer

The Bourne Legacy manages to work, even without Damon review trailer2Even though Matt Damon stepped out of the Bourne Legacy, the fourth movie in the franchise is actually still stunning and really moves along the plot for those who are avid fans of what screenwriter Tony Gilroy has managed to do with Bourne.

This time around Jeremy Renner is the leading man, and Gilroy has taken on the role of director, relieving Paul Greengrass from his previous post. These two switches in power could have been enough to kill the franchise, but instead hard work and extreme attention to detail was paid and the same look and tone are maintained enough that the movie easily slips in where the first three left off.

In fact, throughout the entire movie, Bourne fans are going to fight a wave of familiarity as they work their way through the many layers of deception that shape yet another chapter in the life of Jason Bourne. It is unlikely that this fourth movie was not able to earn anywhere as close as the Blockbuster numbers of the Bourne Ultimatum, given the fact that that took in about $422 million, but it did manage to take in a fair amount on its own through title and word of mouth recommendations.

The Bourne Legacy manages to work, even without Damon review trailer

Gilroy wrote the fourth installment of the movie, along with his brother Dan, and is obviously quite talented at weaving the characters that make up the store as well as the many levels of treachery and secrecy that have made the character of Bourne so engaging. After all, you never know what is real with a Bourne character until it gets to the end of the movie; which is why every minute is breathtaking as the plots always twists and turns and leaves you with your mouth hanging open.

This is not the first time that Gilroy has directed either, as he also directed Duplicity and Michael Clayton. His approach is similar as he starts the movie off with a prologue that introduces the audience to Renner who plays Aaron Cross, a new Operation Outcome field agent who is, of course, off of the grid.

Cross is busy getting through a rough training mission up in the Alaskan wilderness and it is clear that he can shoot, jump, climb, and prepare for danger just as easily and flawlessly as Bourne did before him. The action starts soon when he learns from CIA manager Eric Byer that the program has been infected by Jason Bourne.

The Bourne Legacy manages to work, even without Damon review trailer3

This news not only sets the platform for the plot to move along, but it also allows the movie to overlap with The Bourne Legacy, which is a great way to show how Cross’ manages to survive the drones while at the same time making Byer believe he is dead. During this period of time, Cross is able to move stealthily unknown as he seeks out his enemies and the fate of the free world, and things really start to get interesting.


One thought on “The Bourne Legacy manages to work, even without Damon review trailer

  1. Big personal fave of mine. Oscar Isaac (Outcome 3) and Renner were neck -n-neck for the lead role of Outcome 5 (Aaron Cross). Can’t help but wonder how Isaac would’ve done.

    Also, I’ve never been able to figure out the identity or whereabouts of Outcome 2. :/


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