People Like Us, Chris Pine review trailer

People Like Us, Chris Pine review trailerPeople Like Us, is a  movie, which is rather strange because it seems to blend the comical and the heavily emotional at the same time. The movie follows a character played by Chris Pine who realizes that he has a half sister, and he goes to great efforts to befriend her. The story follows how he becomes friends with her child and encourages her to stop abusing substances.

Elizabeth Banks plays the sister and some comparison of the movie can certainly be drawn with Rain Man, as it is a story of a character who becomes more emotionally mature after he realizes that he has an unknown sibling, as such it does not feel like a new movie

Pine plays the character of Sam, the son of a famous music producer, and his father has just died which is not a very good time for Sam because he is also having a great deal of problems at work.

People Like Us, Chris Pine review trailer 1His girlfriend is played by Olivia Wilde, and he lies to her in order to escape having to go to his father’s funeral. The idea behind the beginning part of the film is to establish the character as selfish, it feels as if this is a bit overdone and you will know the character is selfish, much before the film is finished telling you so.

When he meets his father’s lawyer he is given a bundle of cash with a note from his father saying that he has a half sister and that the money should go to them in order to take care of them. Sam is in some financial trouble and so it is obvious he is tempted to take the money as it would get him out of his temporary problem.

People Like Us, Chris Pine review trailer.Despite his temptations, Sam does go to visit his sister and he finds her at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. At first, Sam doesn’t tell her who he is and they get to know each other and he helps out with her son.

Chris Pine has certainly become very successful in the last few years, and he has gone from playing smaller roles to becoming a full movie star. When you watch him on screen you can tell that he has a very easy way about him, which is an obvious reason for selecting him for so many films.

People Like Us, Chris Pine review trailer ..This film which has been created by Alex Kurtzman does tend to wander around a bit and doesn’t really stick to a set storyline. The audience will feel that Sam should have revealed his connection to his sister much earlier than he does, and it feels completely unnatural and unwarranted that he decides to hide it. That said, this movie does offer a good deal of entertainment and in many ways it is heartfelt and moving.

In the third act there are several revelations that take place and these are definitely payoffs that are worth sitting through the rest of the film for. The roles are also very well played by many of the actors involved in the film and you will feel drawn into the lives of their characters. The Tom Cruise Rain Man thing does over-shadow the movie but it works in its own right


2 thoughts on “People Like Us, Chris Pine review trailer

  1. As a big pfan of Michelle, it’s disappointing People Like Us didn’t get a UK release…nevertheless as a Pfeiffer completist I’m sure I’ll track it down sooner or later.


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