I Am Number Four review trailer

I Am Number Four review trailer.

A hooded figure fills a shopping cart with some 20 turkeys, pays for them and then proceeds to a violently shaking trailer and throws them through a small opening in the same trailer. This from an early scene in the movie I Am Number Four, and giving insight into the possibility of the movie being more than just a extra terrestrial – fugitive flick.

It is equally funny, unnerving and unexpected seeing a close up of all the turkeys and it entices the viewers to stay focused for what may come, thankfully much more follows.

The hooded figure is a tattooed hunter in search of teenage refugees from an occupied distant planet. Endowed with super powers that must be learned in order to be uses, the refugees are humanoid, good looking and are separated from each other and are across all of earth.

I Am Number Four review trailer

Sick of constant uprooting the character John, the fourth in line to be hit by the villain is the protagonist of the movie. He cannot get close to anyone since he is always changing identities and locations but in a small town he meets a couple of friends and draws the line of not getting close.

I Am Number Four review trailer,.,

Series seasons of television series comes to mind while watching the movie. In fact, key veterans of TV former writers of Smallville and Buffy the Vampire Slayer adapted the novel for the big screen.

The Buffy influences in the movie are quite obvious but are welcome and funny. The movie is folded into a smart spectacle as is gathers speed and heads to a climatic and fantastic battle involving an incredible forceful blonde warrior.


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