The Thing a true sci-fi classic

The Thing a true sci-ff classic

Highly regarded as one of the most complete not to mention entertaining sci-fi/horror movies ever made, The Thing stands the tests of time and still scares the bejesus out of you. The atmosphere of isolation and pure fear keeps you gripped and the fact it keeps you guessing makes it all the more brilliant. John Carpenter was really on the ball with this one, and it rightly deserves its place amongst the classics.

The Thing a true sci-ff classic..

A research team of twelve are at a remote research station in the Antarctic in the winter of ’82, and come across an alien that has been buried under the snow and ice for more than 10,000 years. One it had defrosted, the form changing beastie proceeds to wreak havoc, creates unimaginable terror and infiltrates the group to become one of their number.

The Thing a true sci-ff classic,

In one of his early adult performances, Kurt Russell is outstanding, and the rest of the cast perform brilliantly too. The special effects used were ground breaking at that time, and still hold up well, and raises the argument of relying less on fancy CGI and returning to the good old days of make-up and other effects to portray the menace of creatures. If you have never seen The Thing, you really don’t know what you are missing.



3 thoughts on “The Thing a true sci-fi classic

  1. Love this movie. Apparently there is a research facility on Antarctica that has a tradition to screen this movie when winter starts and there is no possibility to leave the base. Would be great to see it under those circumstances.


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