Klown review

Klown review

Raising a child can be an initially terrifying prospect for many parents, and it is often the case that they become nervous at the idea that they are going to be responsible for bringing an entirely new life into this world. In this new film, we follow the story of Frank, played by another Frank, the actor Frank Hvam.

At the beginning of the story he is attending the wedding of a friend when he discovers that his wife, played by Mia Lynhe has become pregnant. Frank does not see himself as father material, and neither does the audience, or his partner for that matter. As a couple they are not ready to have a child and the potential mother goes through the process of deciding whether she wants to terminate the pregnancy.

This is something that Frank is not comfortable with, even though he does not want to become a father. However, he sees it as his duty and goes through the process of proving himself as a suitable father for the child.

Klown review,,

The film has been based on the Danish television show and the movie comes together in a very strange way as it blends several elements of comedy that is seen on television today. It takes the kind of embarrassments humor that is seen on the UK version of The Office but also involves elements of the kind of man child comedy which has been seen in recent films. The third element that it involves is the sort of brotherly humor of the debauched nature that can be seen in films such as The Hangover.

The way that this film has borrowed these different elements does work in its favor in some ways, but in other ways it does make it rather predictable. The audience will have seen enough of these different comedies in order to predict certain outcomes, and this really does harm the storyline.

As this is a foreign film, some of the comedy does seem a little bit off the wall. In fact, some viewers from other countries might find that the comedy goes too far and is almost too outrageous. Some scenes just seem to be more cringeworthy rather than funny.

Of course, this film is about a man that attempts to do something and improve himself, and in some ways find redemption. This is a comedy and it does follow a formulaic path. Therefore, it doesn’t give anything away to say that in the end of the film he does find his redemption.

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Unfortunately, the end of the film is somewhat of a letdown and it feels that in the final part the viewer knows exactly what’s going to happen and it almost doesn’t feel worthwhile sticking around for the last 20 minutes or so.

That said, this film is still very entertaining. There are some very funny moments and if you can put up with a bit of predictability then this is a film that is going to be well worthwhile seeing, just for the laughs.


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