Johnny Depp and Band to perform at Grammy awards

Johnny Depp and Band to perform at Grammy awards

The Hollywood Vampires featuring frontman Johnny Depp is set to performat the 58th annual Grammy Awards on which goes out tomorrow Monday (15Feb16).

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny the 52-year-old, would be rock star will perform with Joe Perry from Aerosmith and will feature a tribute to Lemmy from Motorhead from no less than  Alice Cooper

When asked about his group Johnny said

“If I saw these guys coming out with myself, I too would think, ‘This is kind of a weird spectacle’, initially,”. “There will be some people saying, ‘Let’s see this Hollywood-guy, actor-guy play guitar’. But hopefully, what will happen is that the song will kick in and people are going to feel their wigs starting to split. People’s heads are going to go like that (explode).”

The group has been around since 2011 after a drunken jam session which resulted in their first eponymous album which was released on 11 September (15).

Their Grammy set will incude Depp, Perry and Cooper belting out one of their own tracks as Hollywood Vampires with ‘Bad As I Am’ before morphing to the Lemmy tribute.


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