Insidious feel good horror review trailer

Insidious feel good horror review trailer4

Toss in writer  with the work of Saw director James Wan and you get a ghost flick that was high in demand at this year’s Austin SXSW festival.

To the pleasure of most in attendance, the film sports more than just your usual array of horrors and shock value because Wan tastefully kept the gore down and instead used a bit campier methods that kept it fun to watch with plenty of fun scares to keep viewers entertained.  The top perk is that in a genre filled with nightmares, Insidious will not leave you stirring sleeplessly in bed after viewing it.


The film stars Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson as young couple Josh and Renai, who have just moved into a haunted house along with their three children and are now facing the repercussions.  Josh is at first oblivious to how uncomfortable his wife is as she attempts to settle into the large home while taking care of her three children who are all young.  However, when one of their sons fall the ladder in the attic and remains unconscious despite medical explanations things start to change to make both parents wonder just what is going on.

Insidious feel good horror review trailer8

The boy eventually is sent home from the hospital since they cannot find anything wrong with him and Rose is now left caring for an invalid.  She starts claiming that she hears and sees odd things around the house but her husband believes that it is because she is emotionally shook up.

However, eventually he starts to notice as well forcing the couple to decide to move out of the home in an attempt to get away.  Unfortunately, the same things start to happen at the new house as well leaving the parents to ponder if their house was not haunted, but instead their son is haunted.

Insidious feel good horror review trailer1

The entire rest of the movie focuses on the couple trying to figure out how to cure their son and get him back to the state of living out of his catatonic state.  They attempt to hire a psychic and even go as far as to hire a séance which makes things t a bit campy although fun to watch.  The ending is not quite the big bang you are hoping for, but for shooting with only a million dollar budget it is not all that bad and does tie up the loose ends.

Despite the tiny budget, the director and producer still managed to pull off quite a bit including choosing a great cast and creating plenty of scares that will have you getting some air off your seat during the tense scenes.

The movie rolls along much like a roller coaster with its ups and downs but it is not one that you will remember because most likely once you get off you will be looking for a new thrill instead of thinking about the one you just had.  However, for any horror genre film Insidious is just about as close to a feel good flick as you can get.


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