10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)


Woah. What a cool movie! Finally, a sequel that is completely connected to the original, and yet stands on its own as a completely separate film! So great to see that actually come to fruition!

Here’s what I liked so much about this movie:

  • Very original – what a great concept to have three people stuck in a bunker during what might or might not be a nuclear war.And what’s even more is that John Goodman’s character, Howard, is so strange and bizarre that you can’t quite tell exactly what his motivations are. Is he a bad guy doing a good thing? Is he a crazy guy who’s lost touch with reality? Or is he misunderstood and overcompensating? John Goodman is so compelling in this film, I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at next year’s Oscars.
  • And then there’s Ramona Flowers,I…

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