M .. Judi Dench says Tom Hiddleston is her choice for next 007

M .. Judi Dench says Tom Hiddleston is her choice for next 007

Dame Judi Dench has stated that she believes that Tom Hiddleston is the man with everything to make a great James Bond. She has seven Bond movies behind her (her last was Skyfall)

She was of course the ever present M in movies with two incarnations of the super-spy,Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan

The actress is a veteran of seven 007 films, starring as British spy chief M alongside two previous Bond actors, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

M .. Judi Dench says Tom Hiddleston is her choice for next 007 ,

In London at Sundays prestigious Olivier Awards she responded to a BBC interviewer who asked if Tom was a viable candidate for Bond was told

“I would have thought so,” and “I was there for Pierce’s first day and Daniel’s first day – and you see the whites of their eyes. It’s a huge mantle to take on but you’re very well looked after.”

This is all a bit premature in my opinion as the current Bond.. James Bond, Daniel Craig has not actually said that he will not be back in the next movie.


Oh and Miss Dench became the winner of her 8th Olivier award last Sunday making her the most honoured Oliver winner ever.





15 thoughts on “M .. Judi Dench says Tom Hiddleston is her choice for next 007

  1. He should be someone we haven’t quite heard of yet and preferably aged 30 to 45. Idris Elba is too close to Daniel Craig’s age and Craig might do another. I’d prefer one more for Craig to retire the role but you know I’d really like to see Idris do Bond-Roland of Gilead…not so much. That should be Viggo Mortensen. Richard Madden, Damien Lewis, Tom Hiddleston, Ewan McGregor , James McAvoy, Henry Cavill all have something to offer but the guy I’d pick and I hesitate because it seems so obvious it feels too easy but Michael Fassbender. My wife’s pick is Idris Elba. The only think I insist is he has to be Irish, English, Scottish, or Welsh.

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  2. Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy should be on that list too. It’s fun to think about. How about thinking outside the box casting like Ray Winstone or Jeremy Irons? Or bring back Pierce to do the whole Dark Knight returns thing? Who would you like to see in the role?

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  3. I totally agree British or Irish is a must, an American in the role (as much as I believe Hollywood would want that) would be a disaster, it would change everything about the character and destroy the franchise. I am a Ewan McGregor fan but for me he is just not Bond, and the others you mention have their good aspects but not that special personality that 007 needs.
    I think Bond needs to move on again and evolve a little, perhaps someone more or less unheard of would be the right way to go, and someone a little younger so that an actor could ‘own’ Bond for multiple movies instead of the treadmill of a handful of movies then swap out with a new face.
    And unfortunately I am old enough that there is, and always has been, only one Bond, Sean Connery

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  4. I’ve always felt that Connery was the better Bond but I enjoyed the Moore movies more, no pun intended. Probably because his Bond films were out when I was growing up and I caught up with Connery later on. I didn’t dislike Dalton or Brosnan. Lazenby even had one of the greatest Bond movies without him being great. Craig’s outings have been very hit and miss. CR was great, QoS on first viewing terrible since revisited and it’s just ok. Skyfall again great but then Spectre I just felt like it wasn’t a Bond movie for large periods but I do need to watch it again. Definitely needs to be a Brit actor

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  5. I think everyone goes with the Bond of their childhood or teens, for me it is Connery because I was very young and was taken to see From Russia with Love by my aunt. It was my first time seeing a movie on a big screen and back then it was 70mm and 2500 people. So not only was he ‘my’ Bond he was my first ever ‘experience’ of any kind.
    Looking back I can now see why other people prefer other Bonds but the huge advantage Connery had was that the locations were so extremely exotic for the 60s when British people had never even left the country, and Connery seemed so incredibly sophisticated for the time.

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  6. What a treat to have experienced that. The first Bond movie I saw was Goldfinger on TV. I count myself very lucky that it was the first Bond I saw. I actually did a ranking of them all on my blog last year and guess which one took the No.1 spot?

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