Clint Eastwoods son to replace Paul Walker in Fast & Furious

Clint Eastwoods son to replace Paul Walker in Fast & Furious

The son of veteran actor and director Clint Eastwood, Scott Eastwood is set to try to fill the hole left by Paul Walker in the next Fast & Furious episode.

He will enter the franchise as a rookie working for ‘Mr. Nobody’ (Kurt Russell) in the upcoming Fast 8. As already announced he will be joining as a newcomer to the series with Charlize Theron who is the new villain of the movie.

Eastwood stated that getting the role ”a dream come true” and that he was very grateful to producer Neal Moritz and director Gary Gray  for the opportunity.

He stated  “It’s hard to put into words how excited I am for the next Fast & Furious,” he wrote in a lengthy post. “To me, the series is so much more than just a franchise. It’s a legacy. These great actors who have been in it together for so long have become a family. I absolutely can’t wait to join it.”

Despite being the son of one of the worlds most successful movie stars and directors Scott’s career has been lacklustre with most of his ‘good roles’ coming in his fathers movies. Apart from those he has been seen in such classics as ‘ Texas Chainsaw 3D’ so lets hope he can make this opportunity work.


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