BLINDSIDED BY THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH [1976] | epileptic moondancer

The sad death of David Bowie prompted me to watch this flick, which coincidently was already on my list of Blindspot films to watch. Somehow I have never seen a movie featuring the great man, but even more bizarre is the fact that I haven’t heard any of his music.

Nothing, not one song. I always thought I was a music freak, but seeing all the reactions to Bowie’s death in the blogosphere, I suddenly felt somewhat alienated. The rock I live under is so big that I missed Bowie’s entire career, which is something I plan to change. But first I wanted to watch this flick, as the title had already grabbed my attention months ago, while Roeg was a director whose work I was keen to watch thanks to John who had made a list of his favourite Roeg films.


CFY OPINION>> Bowie was much maligned for his acting work, mostly very unfairly in my opinion, but if ever there was a perfect role for him it was this.  In 2016 it would be hard for young people to appreciate that Bowie really was an alien.

He was androgynous, strange, intellectual, artistic, musically a million miles away from what anyone else was doing, and above all had a very unusual persona and gave off the aura that he did live in a separate world from the rest of us.

I can remember watching this in a cinema and being spellbound by just how totally convincing his performance was, it seems corny now, but back then it did seem like Bowie had fallen to earth.

Read the rest of the article here: BLINDSIDED BY THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH [1976] | epileptic moondancer


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