Best trailers ever Alien

Best trailers ever Alien,,,

The first of my best trailers ever is the original Alien

The 1979 Ridley Scott classic has a trailer that just builds and builds to a real climax. We can see that the girl in this Sci Fi movie is not just going to scream when she sees the monster or twist her ankle at the worst possible moment.

Best trailers ever Alien,,

It may be hard for younger audiences to appreciate but for the fist time in a Sci Fi action movie the woman is going to grab a weapon and lead the fight back.

Best trailers ever Alien,

This trailer seems a tiny bit dated but still manages to drag you into this strange far off world and its terrors, the heartbeat and screaming-like music build until we realize that

In space no one can hear you scream

Arguably one of the best movie tag lines ever


6 thoughts on “Best trailers ever Alien

  1. Interesting, that drone montage at the end is exactly what we equate with Inception which has been heavily copied ever since in modern trailers even though Nolan and composer Hans Zimmer try to avoid it because they think it’s been overdone ages ago. Yet here it is back in 1979. I love the egg and other footage just done for the trailer. Now that hardly gets done anymore. Really intense, definitely a classic and an excellent choice.

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