Could the next James Bond be Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell?

Could the Billy Elliot star play 007?

The like of Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston have been linked with playing James Bond for months years now, but there’s a new name in the mix.

Jamie Bell has apparently been in talks with Bond producers about taking over from Daniel Craig, after impressing Bond boss Barbara Broccoli in his new movie Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, The Sun reports.

Bell has starred in Jumper and Hong Kong since making a memorable debut in Billy Elliot back in 2000.

Source: Could the next James Bond be Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell?


5 thoughts on “Could the next James Bond be Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell?

  1. Nice picture! There would be so many jokes about Bond doing ballet 🙂 do you think he really stands a chance?!

    I wish SO much it would be Idris Elba but I know it won’t be. They’ll play it safe I reckon with the most Daniel-Craig-esque person possible – Tom Hiddleston.


  2. I actually think Jamie Bell is pretty good actor. He’s been solid in everything I’ve seen him in, but could he do Bond? It would be a risky move but if the producers want a very different bond, then Jame Bell isn’t a bad move. But there are still way better options than him.

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  3. I can not see him in the role to be honest. Elba would be a good choice but like Emma I think the Bond people may think he would not work. Say ‘The Night Manager’ a UK TV series (excellent) where Hiddleston plays a spy and that convinced me he could do it

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  4. Bell has filled out and can act. Fassbender is my pick followed by Elba. Hiddleston and Bell are fine too. The thing I like about Bell is he’s not so obvious and that’s usually a good place to be.

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