Has Idris Elba ruled himself out of playing James Bond?

“I’m too old for that, man…”


The James Bond rumour mill isn’t slowing, but could it be that Idris Elba has dismissed suggestions that he could be the next person to portray the secret agent?

“Sounds terrible,” he told Good Morning America – but don’t worry, Idris fans. He was only joking around.

When the Luther star was asked to comment about the speculation that he’s already lined up to take on the role of 007, he was keen to reiterate that there’s been no conversations.

Source: Has Idris Elba ruled himself out of playing James Bond?

6 thoughts on “Has Idris Elba ruled himself out of playing James Bond?

  1. Roger Moore did that when he said he wasn’t “British” enough !!!

    I’d LOVE to see Idris Elba play James Bond (I genuinely just wrote ‘blonde’ then…James Blonde….Freudian slip?) personally, but I’ve never thought it would actually happen.

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  2. I think Idris may have enough good work coming his way at the moment not to want the part. There is a flip side to being Bond in that the current 007 often does not get much other work, or at least not any parts worth getting excited about. And some, get very little work after Bond.
    I would bet if Craig makes two crap movies in the next two years he will come back to 007

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    • I could see this too, but when do you think the next Bond will go into production? Operating on the Craig timeline, we’ve seen Bonds in 2006-2009-2012, and 2016.
      I’ve heard that in late 2018 is when they want to have the new Bond in theaters, but I’d have to imagine they’d want some commitment by mid-2017. Should be interesting.

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  3. I agree on the work aspect. Mr. Elba has been having a terrific run lately. As good as he would be in a Bond film, personally, I think something as formulaic as the average 007 outing would be a step down for him. Especially compared to Luther or Beasts of No Nation. If he wants a paycheck film, there’s always his work with Marvel and Disney.

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  4. Yes when you say it like that they actually do not have a huge amount of time, in fact 2018 does not even sound viable. If Eon and Daniel Craig want to make other movies and then get a Bond movie out in less than 2 years they would have to already be in pre-production in a few months


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