Did Suicide Squad’s cast have a horrible time on set?


Like “a North Korean prison camp”.


Source: Did Suicide

Warner Bros DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad arrives this week, and it’s not looking good for director David Ayer’s villainous team.

We didn’t totally enjoy watching the film, but we get the feeling that shooting the movie was a far more gruelling experience. Much worse than anything we had to go through…


1. The set was compared to a “North Korean prison camp”… by its own director

Ayer is known for toying with the emotions of his actors to up the tension on set, reportedly spreading lies about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington to have them at each other’s throats in Sabotage, and encouraging Shia LaBeouf to cut his face and have a tooth pulled out forFury (though we can’t BEGIN to guess how much convincing that took).

Having compared the atmosphere on set to “a North Korean prison camp” for Empire, it sounds like the director and former Navy man remained very much true to form on Suicide Squad.

2. The cast were interrogated by an actual sheriff

The actors were interviewed at length by his sheriff friend Jaime FitzSimons – and then Ayer used the personal information he learned to get a rise out of his cast.

“I made sure everyone was emotionally and physically exhausted going in, because that’s when you find the truth,” he said. “You break people down and then you lay on the programme. It’s Military 101.”

Squad’s cast have a horrible time on set?


2 thoughts on “Did Suicide Squad’s cast have a horrible time on set?

  1. So long as you left your rational brain at the door, it was a thoroughly popcorn movie. I rarely watch movies twice, but I’ll watch this again when it comes out on video. There were a few lost opportunities at character development, but overall, I found it enjoyable.


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