‘Suicide Squad’ Weekend  Box Office UPDATED| Deadline

4TH UPDATE, Saturday,WRITETHRU 8AM: This morning industry weekend estimates for Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad have risen to $146M-plus after a $65M Friday.

But, when it comes to the audience and critics’ response to the film, it’s deja-vu all over again. Like Batman v. Superman, which earned a 27% Rotten Tomatoes score and B CinemaScore, Suicide Squad is getting panned by critics (26%) and has registered an above average response from CinemaScore crowds who gave it a B+ tonight.

We’ll assess the long-term ramification of this in a bit, but Warner Bros. marketing department needs to be applauded here for delivering the third-best domestic opening of 2016 to date, the second best of the summer (after Captain America: Civil War‘s $179.1M) and the best opening of Will Smith’s career. Suicide Squad continues to validate Warner Bros.’ ability to capitalize on its brands.

Source: ‘Suicide Squad’ Tears Up August Box Office Records | Deadline


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