This Means War, a real date movie, review, trailer

This Means War, a real date movie, review, trailer

This Means War is clearly a film that is targeted at people who are out on a date. It is one of those romantic comedies that tries to appeal to both men and women, by having attractive guys as well as plenty of explosions. The initial release date was later than planned but they moved the release forward so that people could go to see it on Valentine’s Day.

The action in the film is quite goofy and it is definitely below the par of what you would expect from the director, McG. This can be forgiven however because the film is actually quite funny and is definitely enjoyable by both men and women. It is certainly a chick flick, but one that guys will happily go to see as well. The film stars Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy and it tells the story of what happens when two CIA agents fall for the same girl.

This Means War, a real date movie, review, trailer..

There is no denying that this sounds like a terrible storyline for a film, and most people will go in with incredibly low expectations. However, the film is pleasantly surprising and there are laughs throughout. It begins with an interesting gunfight which is sure to appeal to the men in the audience, and will make sure that they don’t leave the cinema immediately.

The scene is, however, rather over the top and it over quickly so that the women can be satisfied with the relationship problems that the film is dealing with. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play CIA agents and they are both undercover on a cruise ship; the former is the captain and the latter is a travel agent.

This Means War, a real date movie, review, trailer..,

Their role is actually to travel around the world and take into custody dangerous criminals. The two characters are polar opposites which makes their on-screen chemistry quite interesting. Pine plays a playboy while Hardy’s character is much more reserved. There are also best friends which makes the whole plot even more complicated.

What this does provide is a fantastic film that will satisfy both girls and guys. It does however remain a traditional romantic comedy and the explosions at times feel thrown into the film as a way just to satisfy the men, but it does work.

There are numerous twists in the film and the action scenes build quite satisfyingly. By the time the end comes around you will so grateful that it is only 90 minutes long as this is probably the perfect length. The film is very funny and you will remain entertained right from the first moment through to the very end.

This Means War, a real date movie, review, trailer.,

Those to go to see This Means War begrudgingly and with preconceptions will be the most pleasantly surprised and probably won’t be able to stop smiling throughout the entire film. The balance of its content is really what makes this flick a bit different, it’s not too boring for the guys and not too flashy the girls and it’s certainly not as ridiculous as you are probably thinking.


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