The Absurdly Appropriately Titled ‘About Time’ review and trailer« lloydmarken

Richard Curtis was recently on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
The two of them go back a bit to when Ferguson was large alcoholic comedian and Curtis was the writer of the Blackadder and Mr Bean TV series.

Surprisingly their patter was strained. Ferguson made jokes at his own expense about times when he was suffering from his disease. Curtis at one point said I believe quite genuinely “I’m so happy to see you doing so well.”

Curtis understood the need to be funny on the late night talk show but he couldn’t trivialise the depths Ferguson had recovered from nor the heights he had scaled since. It revealed a part of his nature that has been evident in his work since the beginning. Curtis can do funny but he is quite prepared to acknowledge the harshness of life as he did in the interview and as he has in his work.

Curtis was the writer or arguably the best romantic comedies of the past two decades, certainly of those from Great Britain.  Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones Diary, Notting Hill and Love Actually all contain themes of courtship and the trend continues in his new film About Time. Curtis has publicly stated this could be the last romantic comedy he directs.

Like Clint Eastwood’s last western Unforgiven, Curtis approaches this film as if to make a final point on the sub-genre that he helped establish. Domhnall Gleeson plays a young man who on his 21st birthday is told by his father that the men in the family can travel through time to any moment in their lives.

They just go hide in an enclosed dark space (preferably a closet ) and concentrate really hard. Tim decides he will use this gift to find love. We follow him as he falls in love with the lovable Mary played by Rachel McAdams.

Their courtship takes up the first third of the movie and the hook of the trailers has had Domhnall doing over awkward date mistakes. Stuff up the first time you have sex. Go back and do it again. Say the wrong thing when meeting the in-laws for the first time. Go back and do it again.

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7 thoughts on “The Absurdly Appropriately Titled ‘About Time’ review and trailer« lloydmarken

  1. I saw this movie recently and really liked it. I did not realize all the criticism it had gotten! I loved it for what it was — a ‘very English’ romantic comedy (NOT a sci-fi about saving the world from evil… NOT an exercise in changing history…) I thought the characters were adorable.

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. And it made me think…I know this is cliche but…yes…about living life right now and in the form it is presented. And making the best of it because you actually can’t change it without affecting another aspect. Ok, that was my serious bit. I really enjoyed Domhnall Gleeson in this one as I’d only “known” him from being the technie in Dredd. Bill Nighy is always wonderful to watch!

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