Humans The ground-breaking robot Sci Fi series is back for a second season UPDATED NEW TRAILER


Humans is the most successful drama to premier on Channel 4 UK in two decades, and soon it is going to be back for its second season. The new series has eight new episodes that will further explore the growing divide between the Synths and the humans that created them (and bought them).


The real strength of this series compared to other similar movies and TV shows is that it gets down to the real social elements of what it may be like when robots live in our homes.


For example would a child come to love its robot nanny as much or more than its somewhat absent mother? If you have sex with a robot is that ‘cheating’ in the traditional sense? What social problems will spring up when what is basically a new ‘species’ lives in our own homes.


For those who don’t remember last season, a quick wrap up should do the trick. During the finale Elster’s children are finally able to unlock the consciousness of a Synth, but Niska deletes the code and pops it onto a flash drive. When the episode closed it was unclear who had the real copy of the code and what was going to happen.


This season almost every character is back for the 2016 series. There are a few surprises such as the appearance of Will Tudor who appears to be dead, but things will take a twist in the second season. While Neil Maskell is coming back as DS Peter Drummond, it is not confirmed yet whether Jill Halfpenny who plays his wife on screen and Danny Webb who played Edwin Hobb has come back yet.


William Hurt will not be back this season given his character died at the end of the first series and unlike In Real Humans, the writers from Humans have stated viewers should not expect to see their show take the same path. There is no reason to fear however, as several new members will be joining the cast including Marshall Allman from Prison Break and Carrie-Anne Moss from Jessica Jones


While viewers are going to have to tune in to see exactly what happens, there are a few spoilers floating around about season three. It is known that Niska is at large and has the flash drive which contains the code.

New ‘Stealth’ Trailer

Her synth family are each attempting to find a place to exist within the world and have no idea where she is. Meanwhile, Laura and Joe are working on repairing their marriage

However, soon unconfirmed reports start to surface about synths behaving in odd ways and the ripple effect leads to the past ending up on the doorstep of the Hawkins house. The Hawkins family, primarily including Joe and Laura will be forced to make a decision that will place them under the spotlight. While all of this is happening, the synths and humans are starting to reevaluate what it means to really be considered intelligent life and the narrative questions who really gets to decide what constitutes being alive.


Series cast summary:
Gemma Chan Gemma Chan
 Anita / … (8 episodes, 2015)
Katherine Parkinson Katherine Parkinson
 Laura Hawkins (8 episodes, 2015)
Lucy Carless Lucy Carless
 Mattie Hawkins (8 episodes, 2015)
Tom Goodman-Hill Tom Goodman-Hill
 Joe Hawkins (8 episodes, 2015)
Ivanno Jeremiah Ivanno Jeremiah
 Synth Max (8 episodes, 2015)
Sope Dirisu Sope Dirisu
 Fred (8 episodes, 2015)
Theo Stevenson Theo Stevenson
 Toby Hawkins (8 episodes, 2015)

Season 2 begins Oct 2016

Some great comments below please take a look

SEASON 1 Trailer

6 thoughts on “Humans The ground-breaking robot Sci Fi series is back for a second season UPDATED NEW TRAILER

    • That is why I like it also. It gets down to the realities of what owning robots may soon be like. It throws up loads of new ethical problems, If I were to have sex with my ‘device’ is that cheating? should my wife be upset? Could it lead to changes in divorce law? Will the next generation of kids form romantic and emotional attachments to robots. If that sounds silly then just think how inseparable your average 16 year old is from their phone, no one would have imagined that kind of obsession 25 years ago, is this the way it will be with new more realistic human devices?

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      • I’ve always had this discussion with friends about how it’s sort of unethical to have an AI robot because at what point do you decide ‘so, this is slavery…’ because as the AI advances, at what point to we consider them conscious beings, and at what point, like in Humans and in most movies about AI, do they start to develop emotions, and when they do develop sense of humanity, isn’t it unethical to even have them EXIST?

        I was a big fan of the doomed-to-one-season show Almost Human where the one cop AI was made to feel and think and judge things the way humans are and his entire line of AI’s all went crazy because they were AWARE of the fact that they FELT like humans but were still just a device to the actual humans, and isn’t the basest form of slavery/torture/every other bad thing you can think of de-humanizing someone. Isn’t their very existence dehumanization since this particular line of AI’s feel like people, think like people, form attachments and friendships like people, all the while aware that, when their parts start to breakdown, they will just be deactivated and scraped for parts like an old computer because the humans still don’t consider them people.

        The ethics behind it is one of my favorite discussions because on one hand, yeah in the fictional world where these things are real, it’s being a bleeding heart about advanced robotic devices, but it still is relevant, such as in the case with Humans, where these synths are Leo’s family and have true ‘humanity’.

        And even at the basic level, at what point is having a synth instead of a human domestic helper tantamount to slavery not in the ethical sense even as much as in the ‘people don’t do their own house work anymore OR pay someone else to do so and create a job’. I mean, I’m lazy as shit, so I’d love a synth to do all my stuff, but a lot of people harp on about how ‘laziness is the ruin of society’ and stuff like that. At least when you hire someone to do it for you, it’s creating a business opportunity for someone else.

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  1. Robots are going to create the sort of divides in society that things like migration and racism have done in the past. I am sure that in my lifetime there will be gangs of guys going around looking for robots to smash up because they have ‘stolen their jobs’ or are ‘taking their women’ It may still all sound like science fiction, but in reality within 20 years tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of jobs will have dispapeared because of robots and AI


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