How Ridley Scott made Apple the mega company it is now


In 1984 an incredibly astute Steve Jobs wanted a commercial that would set Apple apart from its competitors. His solution was to spend a then astonishing $900,000 on a short film that would encapsulate just how different the company was from any others in Tech or any other business.


He hired a director who certainly had vision, having created Alien and Blade Runner and basically let him free to create something totally new in the world of TV advertising, a one minute mega budget Sci Fi movie.


Strange as it seems now, the board of directors at Apple hated the finished product, it was Jobs and Wozniak who basically demanded that it be used, even offering to pay for it to be aired during the Superbowl.

To this day many people in the advertising industry consider this to be the greatest advert ever made

The Advert

Ridley Scott talks about how he made the ‘best advert ever’

And if younger readers do not understand how different this advert was here is what Bill Gates was putting out at the same time

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