Some of Hollywood’s best sexy movies Part 3


Love (2015)

Love is a film willing to show enough skin that some may mistake it for a porno; however, it also has a story that director Gaspar Noe slowly allows to unwrap worth thinking about. Those who don’t want to think too long will be plenty happy with Love given the massive amount of sex scenes and a 3D threesome For most people the threesome would be enough to qualify a spot on the best sexy movie list, but the added dimensions only make the scene even steamier.


The plot for Love is fairly simple, although it unravels in a bit more complicated fashion. The leads are played by Karl Glusman (Murphy) and Aomi Muyock (Electra). The two have been in a relationship for two years when they decide to electrify their already engaging sex life by inviting neighbour Omi (Klara Kristin) to join them for a threesome. Quickly the film shows that sex, emotions, and responsibilities do not always converge the way we hope they will.

Blue Lagoon (1980)


The Blue Lagoon is a film that suggests that regardless of education human beings will always find a way to copulate as they age and pass through puberty. The film focuses on two children (Chris Atkins and Brooke Shields) who are marooned on an island and left to fend for themselves. Somehow the two manage to build a large shelter and life for themselves. While this is somewhat hard to believe, it is sweet to watch them create a life build out of a simple passion to survive.



More interesting however is when they reach their teen years and discover their sexual feelings for each. Once they discover sex it is all they want, and there are enough scenes the film could be considered a soft core porn film if not for the very strategic covering of palm trees, Shield’s hair, and other island items. Before long the two have a child and things get even more complicated, but the sweet love and the sexy love scenes are enough to keep the film afloat.

Bound (1996)



Bound is a very unique film in that it manages to be a sex film, a mobster film, a thriller, and even sometimes a comedy all at once. The film centers around Corky (Gina Gershon), a sexy lesbian that just got out of jail and Violet (Jennifer Tilly) who is the girlfriend of a mobster. It’s pretty clear the two have a sexual attraction, and it doesn’t take long for viewers to actually see it play out on screen.


The sex in the film is more than just functional, it is highly erotic and that makes it very captivating for those who want a few titillating moments. At the same time, the plot is intricate and well planned making it a film that will keep you entertained. Turns out you can have your jollies and feed your intelligence too, although the first part may be a lot more fun if Bound is any indication.

Wild Things (1998),


One of the most Wild Things about the film of the same name is its plot. Literally the twisty plot is still being explained to viewers as the credits roll via flashbacks that are placed between chunks of the credits. Of course, the other wild things are the sex scenes that dot the film. Sure, the sex can be a bit sleazy and so can some of the plot, but the movie never pretends it’s not. The sleaze is half of its charm, and it is very effective.


Females will not be disappointed as well given the fact that male full frontal nudity is a part of one of the most notable gratuitous sex scenes. However, there are so any different sexual situations that everyone should be satisfied by the close of the film. Toss in the violence and the overall plot that revolves around Lolita like students, cries of rape, and a town where class divides the school and you have a dark high school noir film set to thrill.

Caligula 1979


Caligula is a controversial but notable erotic historical drama ha holds the distinction of being the only full length feature film to ever be produced by Penthouse magazine. The original vision behind the film was to create a pornographic film that was highly produced with a feature film narrative that was equally engaging. The end result was a political satire about how power corrupts that features un-simulated sexual content, and hardcore sex scenes that pretty much highlight human sexuality at every turn.


The film is considered a cult classic and any people still cite its political content and the concept that absolute power does corrupt.  Additionally, lead actor Malcolm McDowell was praised for his effective and steady performance even in negative reviews that tended to focus on the explicit nature of the film. There are two versions of the film in existence today, the original highly explicit movie and a cut from 1981 that does not contain explicit sexual material.


The compelling screenplay attracted a great deal of well-known actors and actresses to the set. Other top billed cast members outside of McDowell includes Sir John Gielgud, Helen Mirren, and Maria Schneider. Penthouse Pets rounded out the cast to act as extras in explicit sexual scenes that often served as the backdrop for monumental moments in the film.

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5 thoughts on “Some of Hollywood’s best sexy movies Part 3

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  3. Agree about “Bound” being a very sexy film, but beg to differ re: “Caligula,” which is one of the most disturbing and disgusting films I’ve ever seen. The depravity and sadistic violence cancel out any erotica, at least for me.


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