The Words Bradley Cooper review, trailer

The Words Bradley Cooper review, trailer

The Words is a new movie that is being directed by two people, Lee Sternthal and Brian Klugman. It explores the idea of plagiarism and how stealing someone else’s work can be an incredibly powerful act that can tear people up inside. This is a captivating movie that has a great deal of guilt, remorse, and deception in it. All of this is brought wonderfully together by an exceptional cast, a wonderful script and a magical score.

The Words Bradley Cooper review, trailer.

The key character in the movie is Clay Hammond who is played by Dennis Quaid. He has recently published a new book which is entitled The Words, which is about Rory Jansen, who is played by Bradley Cooper. Rory is an aspiring writer and he has been working for five years and has not managed to publish his first novel. Instead of being an author he is working as a supervisor in a publishing company, which is far from what he wants to do.

After receiving a briefcase in Paris the young Rory finds a manuscript and decides that it is the best novel that he has ever read. There is no author on the manuscript and he decides that he is going to claim the book to be his own, which leads to a great deal of fortune and fame.

The Words Bradley Cooper review, trailer.,

For a long time, he lives in a wonderful world where he is a famous author and he simply puts to the back of his mind that he essentially stole the work. Everything seems to be going wonderfully for him until an old man shows up, played by Jeremy Irons who it becomes clear as the true author of the novel.

The cinematography in this movie is particularly impressive and along with the score and the acting, you really feel drawn in. The movie essentially tells three different stories and they are all shot in a very different style, despite this, it doesn’t feel unnatural in any way and you really feel equally drawn into each story.

The Words Bradley Cooper review, trailer.,,

The narration in the movie which is done by the characters of Quaid and Irons is really remarkable and it captivates you into their stories. It is an interesting touch to see that the character of Rory doesn’t have a narration in his story and this is largely because it sends the message that he is a plagiariser and doesn’t deserve one.

Bradley Cooper is incredibly cast and he is perfect for this role and he balances the character being pathetic and sleazy just right. He comes across as a character that is someone you should hate, but is so pathetic that you sort of feel sorry for him at the same time.

You do have a certain amount of pity for him as you can see how incredibly frustrated he has become that he could not be successful. What is great about this movie is that it doesn’t really feel it necessary to end everything with forgiveness, and all the characters seem to end just as troubled as they began.