CFY Sunshine Blogger award

CFY Sunshine Blogger award


The concept of the Sunshine Blogger Award is pretty simple, you answer the questions posted by the previous questions posted by the last winner then forward your questions to the next 11 bloggers for them to answer. The Vern was kind enough to nominate me you can see his answers here

These are the questions he sent me to answer

  1. Name an older movie you would like to see remade.

     Dog Day Afternoon, its more relevant now

CFY Sunshine Blogger award


  1. Name a movie that should never be remade, ever.

The Great Escape

CFY Sunshine Blogger award


  1. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Jodie Foster (yeah I may have made a mistake when I was 14 but who knew?)

  1. Mary/Fuck/Kill (Gilbert Gottfried, Emo Phillips ,Donald Duck)

Kill all of them, somehow easier than the other options

  1. What was the first movie you watched with your parents  that had a sex scene. How did you react

Don’t know what it was, I am sure absolutely nothing was said about it , and nobody moved

  1.  This is for both girls and guys.  What do you like more in physical appearances?  Chest, butt or legs.



  1. Name a band or artist you would gladly pay $500 to see live


  1. Mary/Fuck/Kill  Amy(Gone Girl), Ava(Ex-Machina),Harley Quinn(Suicide Squad)

Yes you already have the order

  1. Do you really want a 2nd season of Stranger Things and if so Why.

No, Not seen the first series

  1. Name a scene from a movie that makes you cry.

Tough one … When Henry calls home in ‘The Impossible’

    10 Name a scene from a movie that turns you on.

The threesome scene in ‘Love’ (2015)

Here are my 11 bloggers who I would like to answer my questions

Lloyd Marken

Cindy Bruchman





Sci-Fi Jubilee

Three Rows Back




Just click on the links above to go to their pages

Here are my 11 questions any other readers please put your answers in the comments section

1 You are on a desert island for a year, you can only take 3 movies with you, 1 action, 1 comedy and one drama, what would they be?

2 Pick your favourite actor who played Bond?

3 Name a movie which you love but hardly anyone else seems to like.?

4 An actor or actress who no matter how bad the movie is you still want to watch it because the actor or actress is so good.?

5  What would have been the greatest decade for most high quality movies released.?

6 What movie do you never want to see again, even if your life depended on it?

7 Of the current crop of teen and 20s actors-actresses who will still be a big star when the are 55?

8 For every one movie you watch in a theatre how many do you watch at home?

9 If you could spend one hour with a movie star past or present who would it be and why?

10 Apart from your own, what is your favourite non commercial hobby movie blog?

11 How many movies do you think you watched in the last 12 months?
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