James Bond will not be back for two years but Daniel Craig may return

James Bond will not be back for two years but Daniel Craig may return1

The producers of the 007 franchise are indicating that will will not see a new Bond movie until ‘at least’ 2018. Apparently they are working hard on getting an excellent script together and need time to do that.

There is also speculation brewing that this time will also be spent trying to convince Daniel Craig that there is more Spying in his future.

British newspaper The Sun has stated that Barbara Broccoli the Queen on the Bond throne intends to make two non-Bond movies before returning to the franchise. Apparently she believes this break will give Craig time to reconsider his remarks after completing Spectre when he stated he would rather slash his wrists than do another Bond movie

Conversely his management did say in the spring that he actually has not given up on playing Bond again. But yet another side to the story says that Craig has already been offered a staggering £68 million ($90 million)  to play the role once more.

After stating on many occasions that he will not return to Bond, he has also said earlier this year that “I reserve the right to change my mind”