Archie Panjabi wants an Asian female Bond, well, her basically

Archie Panjabi wants an Asian female Bond, well, her basically,,,,

Another day.. another Bond

If it was not getting confusing enough to pick a Bond with Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Jamie Bell and even Game of Thrones star Emelia Clarke all wanting the chance to play the iconic 007.

Now another option is being put forward, Archie Panjabi. The British-Asian actress older readers would know from Bend it like Beckham and others as the kick-ass investigator on The Good Wife or even the Rocks sidekick in San Andreas has put herself forward for selection.

After Tweeting a photo of herself outside the 007 production stage she encouraged her fans to push for her to secure the role. And she insists she is deadly serious about wanting the part, saying that the time was now right for an Asian woman to take on the Bond Franchise.

She did also offer her opinion that Tom Hiddleston would be a good choice.

But this was a Tweet he posted last Night

: I doubt I’ll play James Bond