Sylvia Hoeks lands lead role in Blade Runner 2

Sylvia Hoeks lands lead role in Blade Runner 2

Hot on the heals of the announcement that Ana de Armas landed a role in the upcoming Blade Runner reboot, Alcon Entertainment has announced that Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks is to feature in what they refer to as ‘a leading role’

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford were announced as stars some time ago. They were joined more recently by Dave Bautista and Robin Wright

Unfortunately, apart from the obvious casting as Ford in his original role of Rick Deckard we know basically nothing about the storyline, the only snippet being that it is set several decades since first movie. That would be pretty obvious as it has been several decades since Ford played the character in 1982

Sylvia Hoeks is pretty much an unknown outside of her native Holland where she is a TV star

Blade Runner release date. October 6, 2017.