Archie Panjabi wants an Asian female Bond, well, her basically

Archie Panjabi wants an Asian female Bond, well, her basically,,,,

Another day.. another Bond

If it was not getting confusing enough to pick a Bond with Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Jamie Bell and even Game of Thrones star Emelia Clarke all wanting the chance to play the iconic 007.

Now another option is being put forward, Archie Panjabi. The British-Asian actress older readers would know from Bend it like Beckham and others as the kick-ass investigator on The Good Wife or even the Rocks sidekick in San Andreas has put herself forward for selection.

After Tweeting a photo of herself outside the 007 production stage she encouraged her fans to push for her to secure the role. And she insists she is deadly serious about wanting the part, saying that the time was now right for an Asian woman to take on the Bond Franchise.

She did also offer her opinion that Tom Hiddleston would be a good choice.

But this was a Tweet he posted last Night

: I doubt I’ll play James Bond


The Deep Blue Sea enjoyable but not thrilling review trailer


The Deep Blue Sea enjoyable but not thrilling review trailer.


The play, The Deep Blue Sea, is arguably one of the finest works by Terence Rattigan. Terence Davies, the filmmaker who made this into a movie, is about as far removed from Rattigan as could possibly be. Their styles are very different and Davies choice to adapt Rattigan’s play is definitely an unusual one.

If any other filmmaker had taken on the adaptation of this play, they would have probably stuck with some of the conventions that are always established in a well-made stage production. However, Davies is known for his single-mindedness and he has not been afraid to change the production in order to better suit his requirements.

The change that has taken place in the adaptation for the big screen is significant, and he has transported it to his own universe. Entire pages of dialogue have been cut out of the script and he has restyled the film in his own very expressionistic way. Large parts of the narrative have also been cut out and pasted in other parts of the script.

The Deep Blue Sea enjoyable but not thrilling review trailer,.Those who are a fan of the British theatre may well have a struggle sticking with this new film. It is important to go in with an open mind though and realise that cinema has an incredible expressive power.

The Deep Blue Sea enjoyable but not thrilling review trailer

That said, he does stick to the basic outline of the original play. The film still tells the story of a woman who is married to a prominent judge and how she is trying to kill herself in her small London apartment. The wife is played by Rachel Weisz and her character is called Hester Collyer.

Those who enjoy the theatre will also be pleased to see that Simon Russell Beale, the stage legend, makes an appearance in the film as the older husband of the woman. Beale rarely makes appearances in films and will perhaps placate some of the audience who enjoy the theatre and were expecting something a little different from the film.

The Deep Blue Sea enjoyable but not thrilling review trailer,,

Having failed to successfully kill herself, she later falls in love with another man who has recently returned from the Battle of Britain. This is the character of Freddie, played by Tom Hiddleston, and he represents a new social movement that was taking place in the UK at this time. Her husband represents an old form of oppression that was placed on women, while Freddie represents freedom and the ability to break free from class conscious behaviour.

As you might expect in the film, the relationship is not simple. While Hester very much loves Freddie, Freddie is not as deeply in love with her. The film tells a very well-known story about a leading female character who falls in love with another man, is prepared to leave her husband, but then discovers that the relationship is not everything she thought it was.

The acting in the film is of a good standard in all parts and generally it is an enjoyable production, even for those who have seen it on the stage already.

Tom Hiddleston: ‘I want the Bond rumours to stop’

Tom Hiddleston I want the Bond rumours to stop

Following my article yesterday here is the response from the man himself

Tom Hiddleston is struggling to deal with rumours that he’s set to be named the next James Bond.

The 35-year-old actor has long been linked to the role of the super suave spy, currently filled by Daniel Craig. His role as secret agent Jonathan Pine in BBC miniseries The Night Manager fuelled the speculation, but Tom is finding it “overwhelming” being asked about the prospect of being cast as 007 on a daily basis.

“It’s all becoming overwhelming… Not the thing of it but the number of people per day who bring it up,” Tom admitted to Reuters at the Los Angeles premiere of The Night Manager on Tuesday night (05Apr16). “It’s like… it’s like it’s actually becoming a little, a weird thing to deal with. I feel like I want to just, make it stop! Because I have no power over it. Anyway, whatever, that’s what being famous is – you have no power over other people’s opinions.”

Source: Tom Hiddleston: ‘I want the Bond rumours to stop’ –

M .. Judi Dench says Tom Hiddleston is her choice for next 007

M .. Judi Dench says Tom Hiddleston is her choice for next 007

Dame Judi Dench has stated that she believes that Tom Hiddleston is the man with everything to make a great James Bond. She has seven Bond movies behind her (her last was Skyfall)

She was of course the ever present M in movies with two incarnations of the super-spy,Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan

The actress is a veteran of seven 007 films, starring as British spy chief M alongside two previous Bond actors, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

M .. Judi Dench says Tom Hiddleston is her choice for next 007 ,

In London at Sundays prestigious Olivier Awards she responded to a BBC interviewer who asked if Tom was a viable candidate for Bond was told

“I would have thought so,” and “I was there for Pierce’s first day and Daniel’s first day – and you see the whites of their eyes. It’s a huge mantle to take on but you’re very well looked after.”

This is all a bit premature in my opinion as the current Bond.. James Bond, Daniel Craig has not actually said that he will not be back in the next movie.


Oh and Miss Dench became the winner of her 8th Olivier award last Sunday making her the most honoured Oliver winner ever.