This Means War, a real date movie, review, trailer

This Means War, a real date movie, review, trailer

This Means War is clearly a film that is targeted at people who are out on a date. It is one of those romantic comedies that tries to appeal to both men and women, by having attractive guys as well as plenty of explosions. The initial release date was later than planned but they moved the release forward so that people could go to see it on Valentine’s Day.

The action in the film is quite goofy and it is definitely below the par of what you would expect from the director, McG. This can be forgiven however because the film is actually quite funny and is definitely enjoyable by both men and women. It is certainly a chick flick, but one that guys will happily go to see as well. The film stars Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy and it tells the story of what happens when two CIA agents fall for the same girl.

This Means War, a real date movie, review, trailer..

There is no denying that this sounds like a terrible storyline for a film, and most people will go in with incredibly low expectations. However, the film is pleasantly surprising and there are laughs throughout. It begins with an interesting gunfight which is sure to appeal to the men in the audience, and will make sure that they don’t leave the cinema immediately.

The scene is, however, rather over the top and it over quickly so that the women can be satisfied with the relationship problems that the film is dealing with. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play CIA agents and they are both undercover on a cruise ship; the former is the captain and the latter is a travel agent.

This Means War, a real date movie, review, trailer..,

Their role is actually to travel around the world and take into custody dangerous criminals. The two characters are polar opposites which makes their on-screen chemistry quite interesting. Pine plays a playboy while Hardy’s character is much more reserved. There are also best friends which makes the whole plot even more complicated.

What this does provide is a fantastic film that will satisfy both girls and guys. It does however remain a traditional romantic comedy and the explosions at times feel thrown into the film as a way just to satisfy the men, but it does work.

There are numerous twists in the film and the action scenes build quite satisfyingly. By the time the end comes around you will so grateful that it is only 90 minutes long as this is probably the perfect length. The film is very funny and you will remain entertained right from the first moment through to the very end.

This Means War, a real date movie, review, trailer.,

Those to go to see This Means War begrudgingly and with preconceptions will be the most pleasantly surprised and probably won’t be able to stop smiling throughout the entire film. The balance of its content is really what makes this flick a bit different, it’s not too boring for the guys and not too flashy the girls and it’s certainly not as ridiculous as you are probably thinking.

Justice League movie cast, trailer, release date, plot and everything you need to know

Getting the team together.

The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has rival studios everything slobbering in envy and planning their own massive crossover franchises. But it’s Warner Bros and DC Comics that look to have the best chance to replicate that MCU success, and just as Marvel Studios built up to The Avengers, they have a clear and certain goal – a Justice League movie.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will serve as a prelude of sorts, kicking off the process that will transform Man of Steel from a lone film into part of something bigger.

Here’s everything you need to know about Justice League: Part One, the home of the world’s biggest superheroes.

Rumours were starting to bubble over what the film would be subtitled. ‘Justice League: Revenge of the Superhumans’? ‘Justice League: Wonder Woman, the Flash and Cyborg Attack’? ‘Justice League: Better Than the Avengers. Who are the Avengers Anyway?’?

But writer Geoff Johns stepped in to shoot down all speculation. Rather than following in the footsteps of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warners is simply going with ‘Justice League’. It’s so crazy it might just work.

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The Words Bradley Cooper review, trailer

The Words Bradley Cooper review, trailer

The Words is a new movie that is being directed by two people, Lee Sternthal and Brian Klugman. It explores the idea of plagiarism and how stealing someone else’s work can be an incredibly powerful act that can tear people up inside. This is a captivating movie that has a great deal of guilt, remorse, and deception in it. All of this is brought wonderfully together by an exceptional cast, a wonderful script and a magical score.

The Words Bradley Cooper review, trailer.

The key character in the movie is Clay Hammond who is played by Dennis Quaid. He has recently published a new book which is entitled The Words, which is about Rory Jansen, who is played by Bradley Cooper. Rory is an aspiring writer and he has been working for five years and has not managed to publish his first novel. Instead of being an author he is working as a supervisor in a publishing company, which is far from what he wants to do.

After receiving a briefcase in Paris the young Rory finds a manuscript and decides that it is the best novel that he has ever read. There is no author on the manuscript and he decides that he is going to claim the book to be his own, which leads to a great deal of fortune and fame.

The Words Bradley Cooper review, trailer.,

For a long time, he lives in a wonderful world where he is a famous author and he simply puts to the back of his mind that he essentially stole the work. Everything seems to be going wonderfully for him until an old man shows up, played by Jeremy Irons who it becomes clear as the true author of the novel.

The cinematography in this movie is particularly impressive and along with the score and the acting, you really feel drawn in. The movie essentially tells three different stories and they are all shot in a very different style, despite this, it doesn’t feel unnatural in any way and you really feel equally drawn into each story.

The Words Bradley Cooper review, trailer.,,

The narration in the movie which is done by the characters of Quaid and Irons is really remarkable and it captivates you into their stories. It is an interesting touch to see that the character of Rory doesn’t have a narration in his story and this is largely because it sends the message that he is a plagiariser and doesn’t deserve one.

Bradley Cooper is incredibly cast and he is perfect for this role and he balances the character being pathetic and sleazy just right. He comes across as a character that is someone you should hate, but is so pathetic that you sort of feel sorry for him at the same time.

You do have a certain amount of pity for him as you can see how incredibly frustrated he has become that he could not be successful. What is great about this movie is that it doesn’t really feel it necessary to end everything with forgiveness, and all the characters seem to end just as troubled as they began.

Ghostbusters new images, trailer


Ghostbusters new images, trailer

The movie stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig,  Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Andy Garcia, Bill Murray, Michael K. Williams,Chris Hemsworth, Neil Casey, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver

Ghostbusters new images, trailer,,

Released July 15, 2016

,Ghostbusters new images, trailer,.,

Ghostbusters new images, trailer ,,,.

Ghostbusters new images, trailer1

Ghostbusters new images, trailer.,.

Ghostbusters new images, trailer ,,,.,

The Grey review, trailer

The Grey review, trailerIn the film entitled ‘The Grey’, it is Mother Nature versus Liam Neeson, and up until the end it’s not really clear who is going to come out the victor in this action packed flick that features the classic actor in a face off against Alaskan wolves.

Neeson plays a man that is mourning the loss of his wife who lives in isolation in Alaska protecting oil rig workers from the wildlife around the plant. The day to day life is a bit dull but it passes, that is until he and the workers jump on a plane and end up crashing in the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on their back and a pack of wolves that are savagely hungry.

The Grey review, trailer,To his credit, while the role may not sound like much Neeson plays it to the tee and it’s a shame that the director did not take more of Neeson’s emotion to heart because the clichéd flashbacks that are tossed in between the scenes actually detract from the genuine heart of the film.

The film opens with Neeson’s character considering how easy it would be to end it all at the end with his rifle barrel, but he decides not to and the film moves onward.  Just a few minutes later Neeson gets a shock and thinks he might as well have done it when the plane he is on starts heading straight for the ground.

The Grey review, trailer..Already the outsider of the group, Neeson steps up to the mark as it seems he is both a born leader and a professional hunter, making him the most likely to guide the men through the wilderness and to safety. Although there are some power struggles they end up gravitating towards his leadership and suddenly the group is moving towards safety.

That is until the wolves show up to add some drama and action to the film, conveniently, it also helps weed out the group so that all that is left is a nice handful of stars to help support Neeson on his quest which include Dallas Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, and Frank Grillo.

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

The late 1800s were surely some of the wildest years in that fabled Wild West of song and story; film-makers of every ilk have turned their hands to mining the enormous potential, but until Blazing Saddles the satiric comedy possibilities were mostly unexplored. Now Seth MacFarlane of Ted fame has brought us his version of the Western comedy/spoof in A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Aw, maybe not quite a million, since guns and bullets feature prominently as the main way to die in  MacFarlane’s take on the Old West. Certainly there is no lack of ammo for the guns that everyone has to wear, and most are crack shots, with a few notable exceptions. Seth himself, as Albert Stark the nerdly sheep rancher, can’t hit the broad side of a barn, as they say. But he’s up for learning the art when a beautiful stranger comes to town.

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

Back story: Stark is no hero type; in fact he loses the love of his life, Louise, played by Amanda Seyfried, when he wimps out of a gunfight. Louise sets her sights on the slick shyster Foy – he of the  waxed and perfectly curled mustache – done to a tee by Neil Patrick Harris as the leering object of Seyfried’s attentions. The sheepherder tries to win her back with no luck at all, but then a lovely blond mystery woman appears in town and everything changes.

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

The blond sharp-shooter is Charlize Theron as Anna, and she’s arguably the best part of the movie, carrying off her role with a straight face and perfect timing. Sadly, for this movie anyway, she’s much more effective in her drama/comic role than her co-star MacFarlane, whose idea for the film was a good one but seems to fall far short of what he presumably intended as director/actor.

At any rate, Anna also happens to be the estranged wife of the baddest renegade in this little slice of 1880s Wild West, a mean trigger-happy dude who goes around kicking open saloon bat-wings and announcing with taciturn menace that “somebody here is going to die”, and you better believe it. After all there really are a lot of possible ways to die, including but certainly not limited to death by farting.

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

The bad guy is also one of the better parts, with Liam Neeson playing Clinch Leatherwood as the name would imply, whatever that might be. There’s also plenty of R-rated humor and it is funny, with a few really bad gags and lines that are galaxies away from politically correct and not much improved by the distance. A Million Ways to Die in the West professes to be very funny and very dirty, but some of the humor is dirtier – in a cringe- inducing way –  than it is funny.

With all that said, this is overall a pretty funny flick, and most people will find it hard not to laugh, even if there’s a groan of disgust mixed in with laughter in a lot of spots. Those watching closely will see quite a few unlisted cameo appearances from big name actors, and the attention to vintage detail in  the costume department is quite delightful, as is the breathtaking Monument Valley scenery that serves as background.

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

A Million Ways to Die in the West review trailer

Opening in the U.S. and U.K. on 30 May, A Million Ways to Die in the West is not likely to slay all competition for Best Picture, and it sure wouldn’t be condoned by the likes of Gene Autry or even John Wayne. The film was never intended to be anything but a broadly satiric comedy, and that it is – just not what one might call a ‘blazing’ success.