The Five-Year Engagement, is what you expect Review Trailer


There is absolutely nothing new about wedding movies coming out of Hollywood studios and one of the reasons Hollywood keep coming out with these movies as they keep being successful.

This movie starring Emily Blunt and Jason Segal called The Five-Year Engagement is a film that has some great comedic moments and the performances by the lead characters are in many ways charming. Unfortunately, overall the movie fails to find a balance and it doesn’t seem to know whether it wants to be a crude comedy, or a true romantic comedy.

The movie is produced by Judd Apatow who’s previously known for producing the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The movie is also written by the scribe of this film and many people who go to the theatre will be expecting a movie of similar standards. Instead of this, the movie just has a standard plot about whether or not these two characters will get married.

The film runs for over 120 minutes and it has a huge number of minor characters who don’t really add anything to the plot. All they seem to do is increase the running length of the movie which will make the audience rather tired of what is happening on screen..


The movie tells the story of two characters who are clearly very much in love. They get engaged and plan to get married, but as the title of the movie gives away, not everything goes as planned. Many things start getting in the way of their marriage and it gets consistently delayed. There are many things that gradually take their toll on the relationship after they get engaged, such as the fact they had to move house for Blunt’s character to pursue an academic career, and Segal’s character is not satisfied with his career.

The style of the movie is pretty standard and it follows the story about how hard it can be to keep a good relationship going. There are moments of comedic brilliance in the movie such as when the character of Tom decides to grow a beard like a mountain man. The relationship is strained even more as the characters find themselves attracted to other people and they eventually have to be separated for work. Of course, this movie is going to have a happy ending, and the climax of the movie is entirely expected. That said, there are moments to enjoy and despite its lack of cohesion the film does entertain.

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